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Dear Mayor Spencer and 
City Councilmembers:
As you deliberate on the best policies to deal with our housing/rental crisis, you may wish to ask yourself the following question: What use is a governmental entity that is powerless to protect its citizens from having their lives disrupted by outside investors seeing the city as a “hot real estate market” where high profits can be found simply if one is willing to turn families out onto the street so rents can be raised? 
The answer is: not much use to the citizenry.
While Alameda did not create the current housing situation in the Bay Area it is not incapable of protecting its renters. A cap on allowable percentage of increase in rents annually and an ordinance mandating no evictions without cause would go a long way toward having the investor community look elsewhere for profit.



Morton Chalfy

Loved Irv Hamilton’s perspectives on Veteran’s Day (“The Quiet Heroes: A Veterans Day Remembrance,” Nov. 19.) Great opinion piece. In my mind, Irv was a hero in many ways.

Bill Garvine

Here’s a shout out to Encinal High’s Marching Band. The Band placed first in their division at both the Santa Cruz and Napa band reviews this fall. At the Santa Cruz review, the Jets’ drum line took first place and the flag team took second!
No one can remember a year when the band was undefeated after two band reviews. The students practiced evenings and weekends since school started to perfect the music and synchronize their march. That hard work and dedication definitely paid off. Go Jets!

Jeanne Nader, Band Booster Parent