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It has come to my attention that the track at the College of Alameda is not available to the high schools in Alameda to use for track meets. Alameda property owners pay property taxes to Alameda County. This includes a line item that says “Peralta School District.” So why can’t schools use the facility?

There needs to be a change to correct this. Alameda High School’s field isn’t legal, and Encinal High School’s track is not safe. I have witnessed many runners who have suffered after falling on the gravel track. I had to take one runner who had a large amount of his skin removed to the emergency room. 

With this known, we need to make the track at the College of Alameda accessible to the high schools in Alameda. The wild birds and Canada geese have more access to the track than human beings. Something is wrong here.  Let’s make this right for everyone. As Alameda residents, we have the responsibility to protect and provide the best for our students.


John Frankel

While the U.S. debates on what should be done about global warming, our attention is needed in leading a global effort to solve the problems of the world’s biggest polluters in Asia. 

While we twiddle our thumbs with discussions of American guilt, damaged and leaking nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan, spew radioactive water in to the ocean daily. 

The country of Japan has done nothing to solve this problem and has been caught repeatedly lying to the public on the dangers we all face from this disaster. Measurable air pollution from China and other Asian countries cross the Pacific Ocean to our shores and not a peep is mentioned about what they should be doing to improve the environment. 

Perhaps the best way to improve the environment is through penalizing other blatant Earth-polluting nations, rather than feeling guilty for being one of the world’s most environmentally friendly nations.

Jason Wang


My driveway is blocked. I can’t find parking in my neighborhood. Extra litter is floating down the street. More loud drunk people are walking down my street than usual, and there is an increase in traffic on a weekend. I don’t even have to go to Park Street to know that we have another Park Street festival and street closure happening. 

Alameda should move all street fairs and car shows to South Shore Shopping Center. I don’t see why we have to close down Park Street for all of these festivals when we have a large shopping area that would be a much better venue for these events. 

South Shore is also much better to handle the parking demand that these events generate. 

Having events there instead of on Park Street would be much better for residents, drivers, public transportation, traffic and would limit the noise pollution from the “talented” bands.


Ronald Kent