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We are ninth-graders from the Humane Society Club at Alameda High School. We want to let Alameda residents know how to keep their pets safe in a natural disaster because Alameda is at risk for events such as earthquakes.

It’s very important to remember your pets in a disaster. First, make sure your pets have collars with identifications or microchips. Second, you must have provisions on hand not only for yourself, but for your pets as well. Keep these provisions for your pets in your basic disaster kit. 

These provisions should include water, a water bowl, and your pet’s food, along with garbage bags to clean up your pet’s waste. 

If you have to evacuate during the disaster, make sure to take your pet with you. In this situation, it can be helpful to know a pet-friendly hotel where you can drop your pet off if you need to. 

If the disaster requires you to stay home, be sure to safe-proof your home. And finally, remember pets, like humans, always need help in a disaster!

Aleeza Zinn and Danielle Simpson


I’m a teacher at Encinal High School and don’t want to minimize the passion and power of former principal Bill Sonneman (“The History of the Encinal Jet,” May 25). However, the greater reason the jet was returned to Jetland was the outpouring of support from the Encinal High School community at large. 

Having been removed for cleaning, the jet’s return was questioned by Carlos Zialcita and other thoughtful faculty members. 

A meeting was held in the cafeteria which was filled with neighbors and faculty and former and current students. A lively discussion commenced and a myriad of opinions were expressed, The majority of those who spoke that day argued for the return of the school mascot. 

Later the jet came home and was mounted on a pedestal to simulate what the jet has come to represent for thousands of our students — soaring. 

Gene Kahane


Friends of Crown Beach invite the public to attend the Tuesday, June 3, City Council meeting. At that meeting the City Council will decide whether to adopt the ordinance or to adopt a resolution submitting the ordinance to the voters for the November. ballot and then decide to draft arguments or council can order a report on the effect of the proposed measure.  

Several members of the Friends will be asking the council to approve the “open space” zoning for Crab Cove’s expansion or put the measure on the ballot in November to let the voters decide, without delay.  

Let’s step up and continue our journey to preserve and ensure a balance of open space. 

Linda Weinstock, Friends of Crown Beach