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Last Sunday I received a call from Bernett Research in Oregon. It was supposed to be a general poll about Alameda and it quickly turned into a very biased mudslinging effort against Frank Mataressee, a potential candidate for our next city council race.

I am offended that big money is being spent to try to influence voters in Alameda by using dirty politics and despicable propaganda. Make no mistake; I would be just as offended and incensed had this been against someone I dislike.

Be forewarned Alamedans this is dirty politics at it’s worst so let’s show them that these tactics don’t work in our city. Hang up on them before they even get started.

I have no idea who is behind this but it’s clearly someone with deep pockets that’s trying to influence voters in Alameda. Hmmm could it be one of the developers for Alameda Point?

— Sue Spiersch


Editor’s note: Over the weekend I ignored a couple of calls from Oregon I thought were wrong numbers, but on their third attempt Monday, I picked up. I started answering questions that were generic in nature about our upcoming election in Alameda. Eventually the questions became about Frank Matarrese alone, at which point I became offended and hung up. The questions, in my opinion, appear designed to steer voters to candidates besides Matarrese.

— Eric J. Kos

Sue Spiersch

I’m writing to let locals know about the drive to rebuild and reactivate American Legion Post 9. Looking for current and former members to return or rejoin, also looking for new members.

The American Legion is inviting veterans who have served during times of war or conflict to join Post 9.

Meetings take place at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Veterans Building on the corner of Central Avenue and Walnut Street.

American Legion membership is limited to honorably discharged veterans and current personnel of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard who have served at least one day of active duty during times of conflict, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

For further information, call 542-0662, or email jgc337@yahoo.com.

Larry Fukuba


About 4:30 p.m., on Monday, July 21, I witnessed a traffic accident that involved a bicyclist and a van traveling southbound on Constitution Way.

I bike close to 10,000 miles every year and want that bicyclist to know that she is extremely lucky to be alive. She and other bicycle riders must wear helmets every time they get on their bicycles.

The physics of riding a bicycle are such that, if you fall and hit your head before any other part of your body, you will either die or be permanently brain damaged. The only thing that saved this young lady was that she didn’t hit her head first.

She and other bicycle riders should consider getting rear-view mirrors for their eye-wear or helmets. This should eliminate surprises from behind and allow riders to gauge whether the car, van or truck behind them see their signaled intention to turn right or left.

There is no way to control the poor behaviors of everyone else on the road, but bicycle riders can make themselves much safer, and happier, by practicing better habits.

Peter Lenhardt