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The Alameda Sun received this anonymous statement via its website and found it amusing:



Started reviewing my sample ballot for upcoming local elections and exactly zero candidates are getting votes for the education-related positions. Y’all need to seriously upgrade your grammar game if you expect me to vote for you.

La Grincheuse


On Sunday, Oct. 12, I decided to stroll up Park Street from Lincoln for some exercise. As I passed the Park Street businesses I couldn’t help noticing how many of them had few, if any, customers and the intense heat shooting out of so many of these stores clearly explained why so many of them were empty. The panting employees inside were a sad sight also.

I’m sure air conditioning is quite expensive, but I’d imagine it not being anymore expensive than operating businesses with no customers.

I’d advise these businesses to begin thinking about their customers’ (and their employees’) comfort because it appears unsettled and unpredictable weather will be with us for quite some time.

Could this be why there seems to be such a high turnover of businesses on Park Street?

Ken Itensles


Thank you so much for including the wonderful article by Fernanda Castro ("Author Pens Haunting Tale", Sept. 25). I have already gotten a phone call from a friend who purchased the book at the book launch at the Alameda Museum.

Basically she didn’t know what to say. Speechless is the word I’m looking for. I believe the events of the 1915-1923 Armenian Genocide will affect many more people as they read the book.

Your getting the word out about the book and the genocide is most appreciated. Thank you.

Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut