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Has anyone else noticed the large increase in the number of buildings here with heavy iron bars on them? What is the reason for that? If there’s been a big increase in crime on the island I haven’t noticed.

Ken Hensley


In her letter ("New club means less traffic," Sept. 18), Catherine Bierwith attempts to dismiss traffic as an issue when it comes to the proposal to relocate the existing Harbor Bay Club to the Harbor Bay Business Park. This is part of a Ron Cowan/Harbor Bay Isle Associates (HBIA) plan to build 80 homes on the site of the existing club.

As with most proposed developments, one consultant can provide statistics that will prove the traffic will increase with the proposed development while another can provide statistics that will prove the traffic will decrease. Traffic is an irrelevant issue when it comes to discussing the merits of relocating the club to the business park. In fact the entire Environmental Impact Report is irrelevant to the discussion. What Bierwith fails to notice, as do most proponents of the new location, is the "elephant in the room."

The master plan for Harbor Bay Isle initially included 50 acres of land that were allocated to a number of homeowner associations for common area. In exchange for allowing 40 of those acres to be built out for additional homes HBIA agreed to build the Harbor Bay Club in its present location in close proximity to those homeowner associations that were giving up 40 acres of common area.

This was a win/win solution. However, now HBIA wants to make it a win/win for them and a big loss for the homeowner associations that gave up their common area over 30 years ago. This is effectively condemnation without compensation. The home values of those residences who currently live in close proximity to the club will decline with the loss of the club at its current location.

Steve Burich


I would like to thank Harry and Valerie Greer of Alameda Funeral & Cremation Services for all that they did to support me and my family during the difficult times we experienced surrounding the death of my husband, Jim Russi. Gratefully,

Arleen Russi