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Here’s another win/win possibility to properly keep Harbor Bay Club at its existing location adjacent to Amelia Earhart Elementary School.
Few people might actually believe the latest allegation that the club needs to move to a bigger location to make money, because it isn’t making money at its current site. 
How about selling Harbor Bay Club to someone else? There are many who’d snap it up.
As a club member, I have heard from past and current club employees how much cash the club rakes in.  

— Michael Lano


I read a story in the Sacramento Bee that the city of Sacramento is paying its residents to rip put their water-guzzling lawns. Sacramento’s City Council voted to a “cash-for-grass” program, which will pay Sacramentans 50 cents for every square foot of grass they tear out and replace with drought-tolerant landscaping. 
Nearby Roseville, which has the oldest “cash-for-grass” program in the country, pays $1 per square foot. That city has granted about 500 rebates since 2008, with residents replacing some 350,000 square feet of thirsty grass with drought-tolerant plants. 
Why can’t our city leaders institute such a program here? 

— Marc Klein

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter sent to the Alameda Recreation and Parks Department.

In regard to the Clark Bench in Jackson Park, (“Commission to Decide Future of Isabelle’s Bench,” March 13): it would be a shame to demolish this landmark. I hope you will decide against it. Please at least delay such a drastic decision.

— Patricia Edith