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We enthusiastically applaud your decision to stop publishing letters that attack others or play loose with the facts. Great newspapers typically have a great letters section, with intelligent writing that contributes to a respectful discourse of community issues, even when those letters need to be edited because of length or redundancy. 

For a long time, we felt the Sun could do better with this, and your announcement last week is a big step in the right direction.

Good commentary. I heartily agree with you. Thanks for reminding all of us to be responsible. 

— Steve & Alice Lai-Bitker — Ginny Krutilek

I read your article (“Newspaper 101,” Aug. 9). I really appreciated the advice given. My one concern is your comment: “Is it because they are people with the correct skin color?” I understand that is your opinion, but I am saddened that was expressed. Although your article is an editorial not news facts, I truly believe when the news media stops adding opinions or assumptions this will be a better world, when color or race are not stated. 


Joy Davis

To the City of Alameda:
In regard to the recently mailed flyer on funding “essential services,” your politically correct attitude and decisions that you assume we all agree with created these results. Decisions on sanctuary status, cameras, “Everyone is Welcome Here,” overloading and overcrowding; the total invasion of our Island led us here. This also leads to Alamedan’s police and fire departments and Alameda Hospital being overworked. 

Why is it that with extra apartments going up and suddenly million-dollar homes there is less tax revenue? After previous tax increases? Just where does the DMV and gas tax money go? They used to go to repair and maintain roads. 

We were a clean and safe Alameda. Nice, clean parks, beach and streets. Now, the city needs more money to return to what it was? 


Jo Williams

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