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Regular reader and contributor Hunter Cobb appears to support President Donald Trump, which is fine. People are entitled to their opinions, which makes this country great. However, in his most recent letter, (“No revenge for Mueller, but...,” April 11) he wrote about buying into Trump’s claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “couldn’t even squeeze out an obstruction of justice charge.” 

Not so, even in the inanely-redacted version as most newsfolks — even Fox News — have been reporting. Mueller illuminated grave concerns and possibly major obstruction of justice incidents. If anyone should be held accountable, it’s Trump. 

So I ask, how many of Trump’s hand-picked staffers were charged and are going to do serious jail time? Something apparently has been stinking up the White House the past few years.


Mike Lano

I attended Alameda High School and grew up in Alameda, which has really shaped my life, career, morals and values. Afterwards, I was accepted into UCLA and graduated. Then, I came back to Alameda, where I am currently working on my first drama feature film “Dance for World Peace” based on my personal story and mission to end poverty worldwide, co-produced by film industry professional Bruce Nahin.

I see there has been a lot of buzz around Measure A and Measure B, in regards to a site to help seniors and homeless. For the past few years, I’ve been very committed and continue to be dedicated to ending poverty locally, domestically and globally. The Bay Area Housing Crisis is a huge issue right now, and I am heavily invested in helping to solve this problem, which is essential to fix. 

As the RESULTS Northern California Regional Coordinator, a movement where committed, everyday people use their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty, I’ve worked a lot with Rep. Barbara Lee’s office. I met with her in Washington, D.C., to encourage her to sign on to legislation that will end poverty, while urging her to continue her leadership on these important initiatives. 
Your readers can find out more about my efforts at www.danceforwp.com.


Mei Sze (Macy) Phung

In my eyes, the eyes of a local high school student, the future of Crab Cove is bleak with the passage of Measure A.

The wellness center will serve as a regional facility for the county, opening the floodgates for tent cities to occupy Alameda, particularly Crab Cove. This wellness center will attract homeless individuals to Alameda who will then occupy and surround areas such as Crab Cove until admitted into the center or take advantage of the hospitality afforded by Alameda residents. During this period of time, tents, filth, garbage, hazards and disease will follow, accumulate and concentrate. 

I have seen what has happened to Union Point Park in Oakland. It was once a nice park that everyone — children, families, couples, individuals, etc. — could enjoy safely, but now it has become a horrifying mess of tents and RVs littered and concentrated throughout the park, occupying the space to the brim with filth, trash, broken glass, needles and drugs. 

The safe family-friendly Crab Cove, with its history of once being Neptune Beach, will descend to the unacceptable conditions that has befallen Union Point Park. Furthermore, having these deplorable conditions in such proximity to Paden Elementary School and Robert Crown Memorial Beach is absolutely inexcusable to the children, residents and visitors of Alameda. 

The future is indeed bleak for Crab Cove. It will be a true shame to see what will become of this park.


James Zou, Alameda High School student