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I want to urge all Alameda voters to cast one of your two votes for the Alameda Unified School District board of trustees for Gary Lym.

After several years of poor decision making by the board resulting in moving the district office from AUSD property, costing $500,000 per year in rent as well as a granting raise and contract extension to former Superintendent Kirsten Vital less than six months prior to her leaving the school district, it seems to be time to cast a vote for Lym, a new voice for Alameda residents and students.

Lym is eminently qualified for the post. He is a single dad with a son attending school in the District. He is a Haas School of Business graduate with a degree in accounting and finance. He has served on the School Site Councils for Bay Farm Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, Alameda High School and Encinal High School. He is a lifelong Alameda resident who attended Alameda schools K-12.

In these increasingly demanding fiscal times for AUSD Lym brings the background and training to serve as a true advocate for our students.

Bill Ingalls


We are homeowners on the 2800 block of Otis Drive. For many years now "ponding" has been a serious problem in our neighborhood. After any appreciable amount of rainfall lakes form across our sidewalks and into the street and take weeks to dry up.

Initially we called the city but were advised because we live on a state highway that the jurisdiction for such issues falls to Caltrans. Calls for action to Caltrans went unanswered until we enlisted the help of Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s office.

Our concerns were taken up by Assemblyman Bonta’s district director Jim Oddie. He coordinated with Caltrans, the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) and the city to make sure the proper permits were issued to allow work to begin in October so new curbs could be put in to alleviate the drainage issues that have plagued our neighborhood for years.

Oddie got results for our block. He can do the same for the whole city if he’s elected to the City Council. Please join us and vote for Jim Oddie for city council.

Solana and Mike Henneberry

Editor’s note: Solana Henneberry is currently running for a seat on the Alameda Unified School District Board of Directors.


Next week we will be voting for a mayor of Alameda, either the incumbent, Marie Gilmore, or her opponent, Trish Spencer. With all of the rhetoric out there, including endorsements by various groups, and numerous paid political mailings, how does one decide on the best candidate?

Easy. Just ask yourself: Am I happy with the direction in which our city has been moving? Are unbridled housing developments and increased traffic, (you don’t have one without the other) what I really want? If so, then vote for our present mayor. If you prefer a moderate controlled growth at a slower pace, and a mayor who will put your needs first, not City Hall’s, then Trish Spencer should be your choice.

Remember, no matter how much money is spent by developers who care not about the quality of life in our city, but only how much money they can make; no matter how many mailers and ads are sent out; no matter how many endorsements are given, you have absolute control over your vote. Use it wisely.

Jim Gotelli