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I am keeping up with letters from distraught residents (of which I am one) regarding the intrusive multiple housing projects "mandated" for Alameda. I urge people to go to the website Bayarealiberty.org for an eye opening explanation for what is in store for us.

The Oct. 9 front-page story "Updates on Development" stated

that the city "wants developers to charge residents and business owners separate fees for their parking in order to reduce car ownership of potential residents."

Does that mean that the city staffers living in or out of Alameda will also reduce their car ownership?

Give the incumbents a rerun, and we will see more rezoning. Hamlet-style living is the plan they have for us, restrictions and government over reach.

Vote them out!

Jane Jackson


In response to recent accusations concerning the Alameda City Democratic Club mailing (Dems’ tangled web," Oct. 9), I would like to clear up any confusion about the clubs endorsement process. As a charter of the Democratic Central Committee the club campaigns for candidates who have been endorsed by the Alameda County Democratic Party as well as candidates endorsed by our local charter.

The City of Alameda Democratic Club United Democratic Campaign headquarters is at South Shore Center. The club meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Alameda Hospital.

Please do not forget to vote on Nov. 4.

Gray Harris, Co-President Alameda Democratic Club


Regarding Richard M. Hausman’s letter ("Open Letter to Dems," Oct. 16): good luck, Mr. Hausman. I’ve sent two emails to Robin Torello, chairwoman of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, and I have yet to get a reply.

My first email, sent Oct. 3 said, "I’ve been reading various posts and blogs that have left me very confused. Examples: 1. I know the Central Committee has not given any money to the local Alameda Democratic Club this year. I believe the Central Committee has chartered the club. 2. Since there is no financial consideration between the Central Committee and the local club, is the local club considered a United Democratic Club this year? 3. I’d greatly appreciate getting the specific literature which addresses that specific issue."

Simple enough questions, and not at all difficult to answer, yet I received no reply. In my second email, dated Oct. 10, I simply asked when I might expect a reply. Even that didn’t get one.

Torello’s lack of transparency is perplexing. Mr. Hausman, your questions are similar, so if you do get a reply, please share it! We can all then be less confused, or perhaps even more perplexed!

Hermione N. Dardis