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I was pleased to see the Del Monte project placed on hold by the Planning Board. Clearly the parking plan was not thought through.
Under the current plan there is insufficient parking for the 400-plus residential units and 30,000 square feet of retail space.

The two proposed solutions are to lease/purchase parking spaces as none come with the purchase of the homes or businesses or charge each resident and business an annual fee for bus passes and shuttle. Both these solutions hand the developer, Tim Lewis Community (TLC) more money, but neither solves the parking problem.

Parking is a huge concern to current residents of the neighborhood because we fear that rather than purchasing additional parking spaces for multiple cars, the new residents will park on the streets where parking is already an issue because of Littlejohn Park.

City Planner Andrew Thomas is pushing the development. He has said that if parking becomes an issue as the property is developed, then city officials could offset the problem by issuing parking permits.

Great! After living here for 40 years I’m going to have to get a permit to park my car in front of my house, so that TLC can increase its profit margin. The tax payers are going to finance this new parking permit department and the parking patrol to enforce it.

This is an island. There are a limited number of ways to leave in an emergency. The solution to the parking problem at Del Monte should be to build fewer units and provide more onsite parking to the new residents, not to inconvenience the existing neighborhood.

Nowhere else on the island are parking permits required. I believe Mayor Marie Gilmore and the City Councilmembers were not elected because of their overzealous development projects, just like the Crown Point development. This project was not thought through.

Mickey Neill


Many thanks to those individuals and groups who have contributed to the Midway Shelter for abused women and their children. The shelter would like to thank the generous people who donated money in October. A number of the listed contributed several times during this period. Two donors chose to remain anonymous.

Kris Jusilla and Laurie Parks gave to the shelter in October, as did Betty Sanderson, Richard and Susan Osanna and Ashley O. Jones. Beverly B. Buhnerkempe gave in memory of Leslye Robey.

Lillian Molzan, Mary Scott and Marilyn Zecher of Women’s Life Insurance opened their hearts and their wallets, as did Virginia Krutilek, Barbara Anderson, along with Scott Benson and Elana Swartzman. Barbara Wildman donated to Midway last month, as did Srinvasan Suresh, Teddy and Richard Tabor, Karen McCloud and Shirley and Ronald Goodman.

Joanne Robinson helped the shelter survive with her generous gift. Richard and Cathy Hagen also helped, as did Karen Hoffmann, Barbara Krummel and Russell G. Higuchi and Bob Baker. The Community of Harbor Bay joined together to give. Amy Miller, Lois Pryor and Louise Parker also gave generously. The Albertoni Family Trust pitched in, as did Dania Alvarez, Lisa Pahl, Bridget Gulseth and Jeffrey Delany.

Lance and Sandra Russum donated in memory of: Lou Baca, Norm Lopolito, Colette Fox, Hadi Monsef. Kathryn McAuliffe, Warner Croll, Nan White, Frank J. Gaspari, Benigno Macasieb and Pearl Delventhal.

Paula Patillo-Dupree gave to the shelter in October, as did Kathy and Glenn Henderson, Lynde Magnino, Lola T. Zimmerman, Eleanor Stallman, Jean Smith-Castle and Diane Nutter

The members of the Bay Area Crochet & Knit Guild sent in a check as did Isle City YLI #51

Noel and Cathy Folsom gave in memory of Frank Gaspari.

If you’d like to see your name listed among November’s generous donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more call 523-2377 or visit www.midwayshelter.org.

Ginny Krutilek

The community has been simply amazing in reaching out with copious time, abundant resources, heartfelt dedication and continuous energy in assisting all efforts to help arson victims from the multiple fires that took place Sunday, Oct. 3.

Saboor Zafari owns Angela’s restaurant, which burned just before its grand opening. On behalf of the Friends of Saboor’s Arson Relief Fund, I want to especially thank the owners of Alameda’s bars and eateries.

These include the Rathskeller at the Elks Lodge, Trabocco, Pappo, Café Q, Sidestreet Pho, American Oak, Speisekammer, East End, Bowzer’s Pizza, Lola’s Chicken Shack, Linguini’s Pizza, C’era Una Volta, Monkey King Pub & Grub, Lost Weekend, TASTE at McGee’s and Tuckers Ice Cream.
These businesses created and conducted numerous efforts throughout the week, including Sunday Fund Day — which provided fundraising from sunrise to sunset, in a joyous eat, drink and be merry fashion!

Thanks also to the city of Alameda and its Social Services and Human Relations Board; the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, the Alameda Sun, the Alameda Journal, Jim Franz and Joe Dalipe, whose outreach got the word out and the staffing/performing assistance needed.

Announcements of upcoming events for Saboor’s Arson Relief Fund are available via www.Angelas2go.com and www.GoFundMe.com/angelas.

Jeannie Graham, Friends of Saboor’s Arson Relief Committee