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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the letters to the editor submitted last week by the Girl Scouts ("Girl Scouts write in," Nov. 6). It is refreshing to see the 10-year-old perspective of our town and the optimism behind their proposed solutions.

I hope parents will encourage children of all ages to write to their newspaper with their concerns or appreciation over what is happening in the community and to actively participate in making this the city they want it to live in.

Hopefully this kind of civic involvement results in citizens willing to participate in the process of Democracy, including actually getting out to the polls to vote.

I find it absolutely appalling that in a city so interested in its quality of life, that so few voters actually participated in the process that has the largest impact on their community.

Jeannie Rodriguez


I attended the Veterans Day ceremonies aboard the USS Hornet and, as a veteran myself, was deeply touched by the stories of the World War II veterans the aircraft carrier chose to honor.

There was something missing, though. I looked around the Hornet to see if I could see the mayor or any members of the City Council, or maybe our city manager or some of his staff. I admit I don’t know every face in city government, but I don’t think I saw anyone connected to the city aboard the Hornet.

I took part in the wreath ceremony on the stern, throwing my own flower overboard to remember my friends who gave their lives in Viet Nam and to recall my father, who, like the men the Hornet was honoring, served in World War II.

I was curious whether the city of Alameda was doing anything to remember all its veterans so I drove by City Hall and saw nothing, absolutely nothing. I guess the mayor and City Councilmembers are out shopping at Target or the new Michael’s down on Alameda Landing.

As I drove up Park Street on the way home I noticed all the people enjoying just another day off. As a veteran I have just one thing to say to all of you: "You’re welcome."

Peter Johnson


On behalf of Alameda Recreation & Park Department and the Alameda Youth Committee, we would like to thank the following local businesses and organizations for their recent support of the 11th Annual Teen Haunted House held Oct. 24 through 26.

A big thanks goes out to our three event sponsors: Alameda County Industries, Alameda Friends of the Parks Foundation and South Shore Center. We would also like to thank Pagano’s Hardware Mart, Trader Joe’s and Bed Bath & Beyond for their product donations.

Finally, we would like to thank all the visitors who came to support the hard work that our local teens put into making this event a huge success. We look forward to scaring you again in 2015.

Christina Bailey, Recreation Services Specialist