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I would like to thank the many generous donors who supported the Alameda Education Foundation’s Adopt-A-Classroom program in February and March:

The Perforce Foundation made three generous donations: on behalf of Jackson Bohm; and on behalf of employees Christine Winbeg and Kate Rockwell. 

The Prudential Foundation donated on behalf of the Tamaoki family; Anne DeBardeleben sent a check in gratitude to John and Kate Quick, and the Benaquista and Mummidi families.  

We’d also like to thank Dr. Barry Laven, VF Outdoor; and John and Maggie Maier. 

No fewer than 30 teachers were adopted in February and March bringing our total to 169 for the school year. That translates to $84,500 directly into the hands of teachers!

The Adopt-A-Classroom program provides $500 to teachers who use the funds to support learning opportunities for their students. The funds are used to purchase musical instruments and art supplies, fund field trips, increase technology capacity and build class libraries and much more. Learn more at www.AlamedaEducation.org.

— Kathleen C. Woulfe, Adopt A Classroom Chair


The board of directors of the Humane Society of Alameda wishes to thank the society’s members and donors for their contributions and attendance to the annual membership meeting on March 29. The members enjoyed breakfast at Pier 29 and a very special presentation by Hugh Tebault, president of the Latham Foundation of Alameda on “Humane Education and Animal Welfare.”

Members also learned how the society spent their donations in 2013: 

n Provided the Alameda Animal Shelter with food for the animals $22,359.20
n Assisted with adoption of five animals to senior citizens living in Alameda $460
n Donated $652.81 for medical assistance to animals at the Alameda Animal Shelter and $995 for other animals in need 
n Offered a free microchip clinic $540
n Assisted Alameda Animal Shelter with micro-chipping 156 adoptable animals $780
n Helped with the purchase of 800 mini-microchip needles (for small animals) $2,535
n Offered financial assistance for the spaying and neutering of 16 animals $900
n Purchased 500 cat carriers several new dog beds and many replacement parts, sanitizing gel and disinfectant for the 32 kennels for the Animal Shelter $2,271.84
n Covered the full expense of the project to have the Alameda Animal Shelter 32 kennels resealed, resurfaced and painted, $32,435

We are so grateful for the community’s support through memberships, donations and bequests. We could not help our beloved animals without their wonderful love and support. Donations to Humane Society of Alameda may be sent to P.O. Box 1571, Alameda 94501 or through our secured website: www.hsalameda.org. The board of directors thanks the community very much for its continued support and our beloved animals also express their “thanks.” 

— Holly Schmalenberger-Haugen, Treasurer, Humane Society of Alameda


As the fictional character Admiral Banyan Azimuth (ret.), whose imaginary existence has been called into question by your readership, I feel it imperative to claim no direct linkage with any of the august branches of our great nation’s military.

My honorific title, bestowed by the esteemed citizens who make up the Sub-Committee of Honorific Titles within the fictional Alameda Lighthouse Appreciation Society (ALAS), was given in appreciation of my tiresome diatribes dealing with all things lighthouse.

Hopefully, an imaginary back story will in no way diminish the curiosity of your readership in finding these beautiful, meticulously hand-crafted lighthouses which are now placed at specific water-facing locations on the island. I wish you happy hunting.

— (Honorary) Adm. Banyan Azimuth (ret.)