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I am sitting in my front room watching a person, perhaps from the city or county, who may be poisoning gophers and squirrels. Do any of them know how poison works? Are they aware of the pain and suffering it causes?

Don’t they know that the poison endangers all life, not just the gophers and squirrels?

It affects everything: dogs, cats and birds. Any animal that eats another animal that has been poisoned gets poisoned and then spreads poison around for everything and anything to come in contact, school grounds, playgrounds and public parks. Does anyone want their children playing or sitting on the ground that has had poison embedded in it?

Alameda is great at eradicating wildlife. In the 1940s we had many bats, which were a great insect deterrent, we had snakes that helped control our rodent population. Alameda loves to eliminate nature’s helpers.

Where are our guardians of wild life?

Peter E. Sandholdt


I think that there should be local volleyball courts for schools that have volleyball teams. There are so many schools with teams, and volleyball courts are so hard to find.

It would be nice if some volunteers would come and teach students how to play volleyball.

Emma Curtin

I feel very concerned about our native species. They are very important and even key to life on Earth. We need to protect them. The youth of our community should be educated on this subject. Our community can make a difference.

Sarah Lisanti