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Bravo, Glen Steiger! Your assessment of the empty essay by Jeff Smith ("Witty Repartees Miss Mark," Sept. 3) is exactly right. Good job. My only minor objection would be the use of the word "witty." It is only half right.

Smith’s frequent falsehoods are regrettable, and one hopes that he is not teaching our students this way at taxpayers’ expense.

Len Peters

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to Mayor Trish Spencer.


Mayor Spencer:

I am writing to ask for advice. Who in the city of Alameda has the authority to compel Alameda County Industries (ACI) to pick up the garbage as scheduled? Nothing I have tried seems to work. Perhaps I have been talking to the wrong people.

On Sept. 10, yet again, one of my bins was not picked up, nor were those of my neighbors in the 1600 block of Hibbard Street. When I arrived home at 5 p.m. and called ACI, I was told that the driver had left for the day. How nice it must be to have a high-paying job with excellent benefits, and be able to opt out of working whenever the mood strikes you.

ACI’s excuse this week, as it was last week, will probably be that the city’s never-ending road work in my neighborhood makes it impossible to get the trucks in to pick up the garbage. However, the Department of Public Works has assured me that the city has worked this out with the paving contractor and ACI, and that it is not true that the trucks cannot get in to pick up the garbage.

Someone is lying. I do not really care who. I just want the garbage picked up on the assigned day. This "road-work excuse" is merely the latest in ACI’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of excuses for poor service. The availability of reliable garbage pick-up is an essential feature of competent municipal governance. When will the city of Alameda take steps to ensure that ACI complies with its obligations under what I am sure is a lucrative contract?

Alexandra Petrich


The Alameda Fire Department’s vehicle sirens are just too loud. It physically hurts the ear when they approach and pass pedestrians with their sirens set at such an ear-piercing sound level.

Our firefighters wear hearing protection when underway to an emergency with their sirens on. Alameda residents do not automatically come with equal hearing protection issued as street-wear when our firefighters drive by, sirens blaring.

I recommend firefighter vehicles have their sirens re-calibrated down to a decibel level matching that used by Oakland Fire Department’s vehicles. It would still be loud enough to get the job done.

Looking forward to hearing ... everything!

Peter Cameron