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Appointment to the Planning Board is a complex decision and I don’t claim to know whether our mayor did it right or wrong. I don’t do as much homework as she does. But it’s depressing to see a political outcry over the process she used.

The people elect the mayor, and the mayor calibrates the Planning Board at regular intervals. It’s not an accident, right? It’s intended to make the board indirectly accountable to all the Alamedans they serve.

The board isn’t supposed to "act independently." They’re smart people who are supposed to take action and craft policy according to the desires of the community. It’s just been so many years since they were held to that, perhaps some people have forgotten how it’s supposed to work.

Travis Wilson


It seems to me beautiful Shore Line Drive will be known as "suicide alley" before long.

Last Saturday, while traveling south on Shore Line, and headed to the post office, I was astounded when a car traveling on the opposite side of the street suddenly swerved in front of me. I jammed on my brakes hoping to avert a head-on collision, as there was no way to steer to the right since cars were parked there.

Thankfully no collision happened. But would you believe, within a minute and a half, the same thing happened to me with two more cars?

Whoever designed that street and whoever allowed it to be implemented [ought] to be sued. Tear it out.

Alyssa McGovern


I am appalled and dismayed that the major television networks have jointly aired a telethon called "Think It Up" to raise money for public education. Our children’s education is not an orphan disease. Quality public education is essential to a successful democracy. In every other "advanced" nation public education, usually through the university level, is free.

We are on a path to limit quality education to only those who can afford to pay private school tuition, or live in a city like Piedmont. Then we complain because our high-tech companies import talent from abroad and our adult children have moved back in with us because they are paying off their student loans.

My heartfelt appreciation to the many teachers and administrators struggling with limited resources in public education, but I don’t know who will replace them when they retire.

Yes, education costs money, but the ultimate cost of not funding it is so much more. Let your elected representative know that you are also ashamed that our country has had to have a telethon to fund public education.

Karen Scanlon