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I applaud Mr. Poland’s commentary (“Marina Updates on Drawing Board,” Jan. 7) and am pleased to know that the Alameda Marina will finally be redeveloped. 

The waterfront is such a jewel, and I envision a variety of housing for all incomes on the waterfront, along with mixed use of retail, commercial, boating amenities, restaurants, recreation and, importantly, public access to the entire waterfront. What an asset to Alameda, along with the other new developments making public use of so much of the waterfront that defines this Alameda island.

Mr. Poland’s firm is engaging the tenants of the Alameda Marina, neighbors and the community to hear the expectations of those living near and throughout the Island. One expects that the developer will respect the wishes expressed and that the final result will reflect their desires.

We look forward to continued dialogue including the community, which can help shape another beautiful site in the City.


Diane Lichtenstein

Mayor Spencer, Alameda City Councilmembers and City of Alameda employees:

A belated congratulations on your WaterSmart Certifications and Awards issued by East Bay Municipal Utility District in November 2015. 

Great job on conserving California’s precious water resources!  In our Mediterranean climate, water will always be a scarce resource — every gallon we avoid wasting improves the odds our beautiful rivers and the ecosystems that depend on them will survive.

You make me proud to live in Alameda — keep up the good work!


Henrik Albert

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It was a pleasure to read Mr. Poland’s commentary (“Marina Updates on Drawing Board,” Jan. 7) about the Alameda Marina, one of Alameda’s prime development opportunities. It’s been a long time since that area was covered with imported cars or other cargo. Walking the site the other day with friends, I noticed that the activity along the Oakland Estuary is striking. So it is great to know that public dialogue has been opened about the future of Alameda Marina. It’s been sad to see the property deteriorating and covered only by goose droppings.

While change is difficult, this opportunity to have an active waterfront development with restaurants, fishing, kayaking, boating, biking, and walkways along the shoreline with homes for ALL incomes is a great opportunity for the community! The commercial and retail opportunities along the waterfront could commemorate the past but also modernize the access to the water, provide new business opportunities and help ease our housing crunch. 

Of course any new development would preserve the existing marina. There is also another opportunity directly across the estuary. Powerful developers are in the process of changing the Oakland waterfront and with their help Alameda’s waterfront commercial developers and the Oakland developments may be able to collaborate on a number of aspects including cross channel transit with state financing. 

This is a great opportunity to pursue the Alameda Home Team’s approach to development, let’s explore together an Alameda Marina that is accessible and useable for all of Alameda and see how we can leverage this special location. Let’s have a constructive dialog about the needs of existing businesses, boat owners and the community about the potentials presented by this significant site. And then support the best way to have Alameda benefit from this unique opportunity! 


Helen Sause, President Alameda Home Team