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I am upset because of graffiti and litter bugs. I think it is outrageous because people think it is OK but as they do this, they are destroying our world. To help, a law could be passed about taxes to pay for cleanup.

Heidi Manes, age 10

The Alameda Sun published a letter (“Stop Bashing Frank,” Oct. 30) under the name Cathy Conley. Conley did not write the letter.

Editor, Alameda Sun


Sue McIntire seems to be missing the message of those protesting Tim Lewis Communities’ (TLC) plan to develop the Del Monte building ("Del Monte building development an issue," Oct. 23). I have not read a single comment that opposes the concept of developing the site. Rather, it is the scale of the development (too many units; too much commercial/retail space; too few parking spaces) that has raised serious concerns.

If the developer reduced the number of units and increased the number of parking spaces to levels specified in the 2007-14 City of Alameda Housing Element, wouldn’t the development still suit McIntire’s desire to "live in a flourishing neighborhood that I could feel proud of?"

A certain reasonable density of development with sufficient parking clearly does benefit Alamedans by removing the blight that McIntire alludes to.

But beyond that reasonable density, cramming in even more units and providing insufficient parking only benefits the developer, not Alamedans! That’s the point, and that’s why so many Alamedans are frustrated with the planning board’s decisions (and questioning its motives).

Lastly, is McIntire really willing to sit in traffic for an additional 15 minutes each morning commute (and presumably 15 additional minutes each evening) so the developer can maximize his profits?!

Fifteen minutes each way per day!? Is she crazy?! I wouldn’t be willing to sit in traffic for even two more minutes.

Jon Elkin