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Congratulations on 14 years in print! My life has forever been changed by the Alameda Sun. Thanks for the years of support.

JoanAnn Radu-Sinaiko


On this beautiful fall Sunday morning, I just witnessed the nicest post-Halloween gesture — one of those things that make it so special to live in small-town Alameda.

A group of children carrying garbage bags and accompanied by their parents just walked past our house. No, they weren’t belated trick-or-treaters. They were picking up candy wrappers and other trash from last night’s event.

What a wonderful way to say thanks to the generous candy-givers. Also, what a wonderful lesson for the children in thoughtfulness, responsibility and respect for others. Thank you, parents!

Kurt Libby


Is the city council aware of the humongous backup that occurs on the first Sunday of every month due to the Antiques Faire at the Point?

It is absolutely chaotic for us residents in the West End — every access to the Tube is clogged as thousands of cars make their way out of Alameda in the afternoon.

This has been an issue for the past several years and repeated complaints to the city [and] APD have not resulted in a solution. Instead, the reply we got from APD is that this is essentially a problem with the lights in Oakland (at Harrison and 7th streets, as you exit the Tube) and there’s nothing Alameda can do to fix it.

I find this hard to believe! There are several options that APD can very easily implement to mitigate the gridlock — even if the issue is with the lights in Oakland. Motorists often clog the intersections because they try to squeeze through just as the light turns red, especially at Webster/Ralph Appezzato and Webster/Stargell. This further compounds the delay for everybody. I have yet to see a single APD officer at either of these intersections to prevent this from happening; the Faire has been going on for several years now.

I also question what the Faire is doing to mitigate the impact on West End residents? The free shuttle to/from Main Street Ferry and Fruitvale BART isn’t really helping — nobody is going to use public transit to transport the antique chest of drawers that they just purchased at the Faire.

When can we expect to see a solution, either by the city/APD and/or the organizers of the Faire? This will only get worse in the months ahead, as the TriPointe homes are fast nearing completion.

Trevor Bailey