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Did anyone else think the recent Alameda Sun article about the New Year’s Eve robbery at Wells Fargo Bank a bit odd? ("Police Looking for Information on New Year’s Eve Bank Robber," Jan. 8.)

No one witnessed the robbery? How does a person with a gun demand money in a bank without drawing attention? Police could not get a description of the suspect’s face? Didn’t the suspect speak to a teller who should have been able to describe him to the police?

The bank was previously robbed in June of last year, but police don’t see a pattern? Being robbed over two consecutive years sure sounds like a pattern to me, regardless of the day of the year that the robberies occurred.

I guess most thieves are passing information among themselves that there seems to be a flaw in the bank’s security system. Doesn’t a bank teller activate the security when confronted by a robber? Where were the South Shore Center’s security officers when the robbery happened?

There seem to be holes in this story.

Ken Hensley


On Dec. 13, I had the pleasure of having my home open as part of the Alameda Family Services League’s annual Holiday Home Tour.

My home was one of five homes on the tour, which also featured a Christmas bazaar at the Elks Lodge and an afternoon tea. After the heavy recent rain, the tour day began as a sunny day. The tour docents, who were greetings guests and taking good care of everything, were organized and terrific.

In the morning, I decided to stay home, playing hostess and interacting with many tour guests. This was an especially fun experience, answering their interesting questions or responding to their thoughtful comments. In fact, The tour guests were so nice, that it made all the effort definitely worthwhile.

And then there was an additional perk with Santa Claus running around on his Segway in front of my home. Plus, there were other entertaining Santas in front of other tour homes, plus beautiful classic cars and live musical entertainment on route.

At the end of the tour day, looking at my home, I was very pleased, and could not imagine that several hundred people had passed through it, as my home was in perfect shape and condition.

So, all you nice Alamedans out there, please consider offering your home for the Holiday Home Tour. If you do, you will find that it is well worth your time and effort being part of this unique tour. I’m sure it will leave you with many good feelings, and good memories. And what a nice Christmas "gift" to give back to the community — all the proceeds of the tour go to Alameda Family Services, which provides many support services for Alameda families including the Head Start Program and school-based health centers and much more.

For more information on the Tour and Alameda Family Services please go to www.alamedafs.org.

Reyla Graber


The Alameda Welfare Council (AWC) would like to publicly thank the Alameda Business Network (ABN) for its generous contribution to the AWC. ABN raised $13,000 at its holiday fundraiser and donated the money to AWC.

AWC’s board of directors voted to donate the funds to nine local non-profits. These include Girls Inc. of the Island City, Alameda Boys and Girls Club; Meals on Wheels; Alameda Food Bank; Alameda Family Services; American Red Cross’s Holiday Food and Toys; Alameda Homeless Network; Friends of the Alameda Shelter (FAAS); and Alameda Educational Foundation’s Equip for Success.

We encourage all Alamedans to support ABN, an organization of business professionals. Please check out ABN’s website: www.alamedabiznet.com.

Linda Grant, President Alameda Welfare Council