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The Midway Shelter for abused women and their children would like to thank the many individuals and groups who contributed to the shelter in the month of December. A number of the listed donors contributed several times. Two donors wished to remain anonymous.

Isadora Alman, MFT, donated to the shelter in December, as did Barbara Capon, Najee and Adilha Bilal, Virginia Miller, Steve and Carol Waterloo, Barbara Wildman and Roland and Debbie and Daniel Gregoire.

Gloria and John Nolan, Mary Brownson, Dianne Richmond and Beverly Church all helped the shelter with their donations. Alameda Natural Grocery sent a donation, as did Richard and Cathy Hagen, Merry Thomas, Scott Benson and Elana Swartzman. Robert McBride and Pamela Williams also pitched in in December.

Frank and Winifred Ghiglione gave to the shelter in memory of the following individuals: Alba Nelson, Virginia Krutilek, Betty Sanderson, Carl and Louise Champion, John and Johanna Schuitema and John and Andrea Medulan.

Ken Kofman gave in honor of Ginny Krutilek. Blake Brydon sent a December donation to celebrate the wedding of Dawna Dowdell and Margaret Dos Santos. Linda Justus and Al Wright also donated to honor Dawna and Margaret’s wedding.

The shelter received a donation from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, courtesy of Amanda Flores-Witt. Daria Mehra gave generously in December, as did Lois Pryor, Mary Tarpley, Lynda and Kenneth Hild, Dale Wright, DPM, and Mauricio and Michele Maia.

The shelter couldn’t survive without the generosity of groups like the eight-grade students at St. Philip Neri Catholic School, the Alameda Hospitality Club, Isle City Institute #51 YLI and GSA Troop #31854.

Dawn Graef donated in the name of her daughter-in-law Karen Hummel.

Gret Gauntt, Paula Patillo-Dupree, H.L.Winter and Carol Gerdes were among the donors in December, as were Suzanne

Ecker, Donna Lee Porter, Joan Harris and Gregory and Yoshimi Reichert.

Patricia Sahadi sent a donation, so did H. L. Winter, Barbara Gibson, Jane U. Brown, Barbara Gaskill, John and Susanne Gallagher, Robert Wondolleck and Virginia Crinnion.

Mary Lou Kurtz, Mary Butler, June Kerschman and Malyon Booth helped the shelter with their donations in December. Richard and Susan Sherratt sent a donation, as did Virginia Neuhoff, Kathleen Paget, Lou Toepfer, Barbara and John Rossillon and Jeff and Theresa Rude.

Patricia Heimburger donated to the shelter last month. She was joined in her generosity by Elizabeth and William Rogers, Karen Butter, Richard and Judith White, Jillian Northrup, Kelly Shewbridge and Diane Coler-Dark.

Cynthia and Walt Grady also gave in December, as did Suzanne Bryant, Susan Foreman, Barbara Janowski, Carolyn J. Smith and Dianne and Mel Nutter. They were joined by Boris and Paulina Kirola, Genette and Joel Beardsley, the staff of Kaiser and Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, Raymond Fitzsimons, Karen Kokame, Paula Patillo-Dupree, Loretta deGuzman, Zach Vickers, David Bligh and Janke Schuitema.

Midway would like to thank the members of Beulah Circle Twin Towers United Methodist Church, the ABB Optical Group, the No Reservations Giving Foundation, the Lum School Student Body, Fund First at the Congregational Church and the Richard C. Graham Family Charitable Foundation.

Toni Weel from Goods helped with a donation, as did Pamela Witherspoon, Paul Svec, Larry Mar, Ahna Suleiman, Doalda Murphy, Jim and Belinda Ray, Lynn Humphreys, Patricia Gallagher, Carole Glaser, Christine Buck, Suzanne Martin and Annemary Schram.

The woman and children at Midway also want to thank Ward and Sally Simpson, Modesta Jiminez, David Graber, Jennifer Moss and Kenneth Letsch. They couldn’t get back on their feet without help from generous people like Stanton Schonberg, Stephanie Piper and Thaddeus Lisowski, Christopher Buckley, Robert and Heidi Larsen and Shirley Middleton.

If you’d like to see your name listed among the generous January donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more, call 523-2377 or log on to www.midwayshelter.org

Ginny Krutilek


To those who claimed that it would be egregiously inconsistent and expensive for City Council to repeal an ordinance before it took effect:

Where were you three years ago when City Council and staff chose to abandon 40 years’ worth of work, by previous City Councils and by the people, to distinguish Alameda from the congested cities around it?

Travis Wilson


Tim Lewis Communities (TLC) proposal for the Del Monte warehouse, which the City Council approved last month, was fully vetted in many public meetings. It should go forward without further reductions in scope. 

As approved, TLC plans describe a nearly ideal transit-oriented development that is sustainable (green), helps reduce traffic congestion, will help improve bus service to the Northern Waterfront and provides 55 units of much-needed affordable housing for renters and homeowners.

In addition, TLC’s project is the first viable historic preservation plan for the Del Monte that has ever made it to the City Council in more than 20 years — longer than I have lived in Alameda. 

The $128 million cost of this project represents a huge economic boost to Alameda, including money to help develop the Jean Sweeney Open Space Preserve. I cannot fathom why any reasonable person would want to torpedo a project that offers so many benefits to the city of Alameda. The current Del Monte project will be another LEED-certified landmark project like the Alameda Free Library and the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex that we can all be proud of for generations to come.

If the project does not move forward, the city could face legal action by TLC. Defending the city against a lawsuit would be a complete waste of scarce city funds.

Renters and prospective future homeowners like me need more projects like the approved Del Monte project, not a blind and unthinking return to the housing and land-use patterns that have given us traffic congestion, blighted and empty historic buildings, gridlock and too little progress in reducing Alameda’s carbon footprint.

Alameda cannot afford to go backwards. Let’s keep the Del Monte renovation and reuse project on track.

Jon Spangler