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I read Michele Ellson’s article, (“Landlords Use Duplicitous Eviction Method in Town,” April 30) and could not find evidence of landlords’ duplicity.

From the facts in the article, the landlords are following the law, giving 60-day notice to end tenancy, and tenants are experiencing disruption in their lives.

Calling the landlords duplicitous reads like yellow journalism to me. In the context of the greater Bay Area housing market, rent increases and rental unit turnover in Alameda is hardly surprising.

Did the writer or editorial staff not believe that their descriptions of the tenants’ difficulties would be enough to elicit compassion from readers of the Sun?

— Deborah Honeck


On behalf of Bay Farm School’s middle school program, we would like to thank the parents, teachers, volunteers, school staff and community members who have supported us and enabled us to provide a vibrant middle school environment and rigorous education for our students.

Because of their support this year, Bay Farm middle-schoolers participated in their first-ever science fair; our eighth graders were able to go to Washington, D.C. and New York to study government and history; we even became the only school in the Bay Area from which all students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades participated in the National History Day contest! All 80 of our entries are now being proudly displayed at the Alameda Main Library in another feat of volunteerism.

Several of our seventh graders presented projects at the Society for American Archaeology’s 80th annual meeting in San Francisco this spring, while our eighth graders wrote full novels and pioneered an engineering program developed by Purdue University; again, the only school in the Bay Area to receive this significant designation.

It has been such an exciting school year — our first as a full K-8 school. Because of you, we continue to be one of the highest-performing public schools in the Bay Area while also providing a small-school, nurturing environment. We’re looking forward to seeing what amazing things we can accomplish next year.

— Kathy Tansey, Jenn Williams, Bay Farm PTA co-Presidents


I would like to thank the Alameda adults who so kindly supported my students a few weeks ago. My homeschool students ventured out to Park Avenue and South Shore to let people know about Shell Oil Company’s plans to drill in the Arctic this summer.

These young Alameda residents are concerned about polar bears, whose habitat is threatened by the melting sea ice. They asked adults to call on President Barack Obama to revoke Shell’s permit to drill in the Arctic. Many of the adults listened, asked thoughtful questions and actually called Obama on the spot.

My students are concerned about the high likelihood of an oil spill in the Arctic, and what that will do to the animals there. They don’t understand why Shell is allowed to drill for more oil, when burning that oil will put a dangerous amount of carbon in the air. They don’t understand why the US government would lease land off the shore of Alaska to Shell. 

Unfortunately, Obama did not revoke Shell’s lease. But thanks to the supportive Alameda residents who listened respectfully, my students will continue speaking up to protest Shell’s destruction of the Arctic.

— Heather MacLeod