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You probably have walked down Park Street on a warm Friday with your ice cream cone from Tuckers, as I have, and you’re a sticky mess, so you get a napkin. When you finish your ice cream cone, you have a dirty napkin to put in the green bin, or if you didn’t use the napkin, you need the blue bin. The problem is, we only have the gray bin available.

According the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws away 1,600 pounds of trash every year. Imagine what that means when there are 317 million people in this country. That’s 296 billion tons of trash a year into our landfills, and they’re filling up fast! 

Some people say that Alameda County Industries can’t keep up with two to three bins, but we can get more workers and more trucks.   More people working, more trucks and recycling and compost bins can help make the world a greener place, giving Alameda more money to install recycling and compost bins all around town.

If we all work together in a linked society, we can overcome any obstacle, including the hardest one of all, global warming. Everything you do counts, from picking up a plastic bag to collecting garbage in the ocean — even starting a neighborhood trash pickup service can change the world.

— Teddy Stebbins


My class and I have been wondering why there aren’t any recycling or green bins on Park Street. I think we need them there to help our environment since it’s a high-traffic area. 

One time I had a banana peel and after 10 minutes my dad forced me to throw it into the trash. Also many people like Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee and if they’re done with their latté, and can’t find a proper receptacle, they might just drop it on the ground. When it rains the cup may roll and fall into the rainwater carrying it a long way until it reaches the ocean.

This can give you an idea of what negative things can happen. So it wouldn’t hurt to buy the bins. I hope you consider my idea. 

Thank you.

— Taniela Moli


If you lived in the future, would you like half your planet to be full of garbage? I don’t think you would, and neither would I. I think one of the ways we can help stop that is to put recycling and compost bins on Park Street.

New recycling and compost bins may cost a lot, but you would be doing so much for the future. Also, other towns like Berkeley and Oakland have recycling, compost and trash bins so they’re making the world a better place. It’s not fun when you’re taking a stroll around Park Street and you step on a water bottle or paper.

Park Street is a great place to go in Alameda and blue and green bins would enhance it.

— Curt Hennecke