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Dear Alameda Community:

The holidays are upon us, and with them comes the end of The Alamedan’s publishing year. We hope you have a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to coming back to you with more news in 2015.

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In 2014 we expanded our coverage beyond the schools and City Hall to offer comprehensive development news and in-depth reports to guide you to and through the November election. We broke stories on a city councilman’s previously undisclosed fraud conviction and the release of a man wrongly accused of setting a string of fires on and around Park Street.

We’ve got the information you need on the people and places that make Alameda unique. And we’re connecting with you through social media, with breaking news and traffic alerts and our tweet by tweet coverage of big decisions at City Hall.

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Michelle Ellson, Editor, The Alamedan


You know, I was recently doing some research into past City Council meetings in Alameda, and I discovered numerous occasions when councilmembers directed staff on their activities. It seems like in years past, the council had less concern about requesting staff take more care in doing their jobs.

Recent councils have come across as rubber-stampers that do whatever staff wants. My hope is that under Mayor Trish Spencer, the council will actually question staff rather than staff telling council what to do with a carefully worded report it can blindly approve.

Coho Jerkins


I organized the Black Lives Matter rally on Sunday, Dec. 14. I wanted to give huge thanks to the members of our community who came out in solidarity with those across the country who are protesting the police killings of African-Americans.

I had planned a peaceful rally and, though some expressed concern that violence might erupt, as it has in nearby cities, I was grateful that the event did indeed remain peaceful. We walked from City Hall to Encinal Avenue by way of Park Street and back. We held signs and chanted, "Black lives matter; all lives matter," and were encouraged by bystanders and drivers who honked, shouted "Right on," and gave thumbs-ups and fist salutes. The rally seemed welcome.

I want to thank the people who helped put the rally together. Shimona Carvalho designed the flyer. Darcie Takeuchi made copies and distributed them throughout the Island. Karen Green and Carol Fairweather brainstormed with me. At the rally itself, Audrey Hyman guided our group’s march.

After the rally and since, many have indicated their interest in doing more demonstrations, keeping that momentum and maintaining a connection to the struggle for justice for all. I’m not sure what, or when, a next event will be, but keep your eyes and ears open.

Michelle Blair