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More and more Alameda residents are being uprooted by skyrocketing rents and no-cause evictions. Without clear, substantive, and permanent legal protections, children are ousted in the middle of the school year. Long-term residents, including seniors and others barely getting by on fixed incomes, can be forced from their homes on a whim.

For more than two years, the Alameda Renters Coalition, a non-profit unincorporated association of Alameda residents, has advocated on behalf of renters before the City Council. We have registered a ballot measure for a City Charter Amendment so people can vote for a permanent solution to replace the City’s inadequate, temporary rent review ordinance.

Alameda Renters need $5,000 immediately for printing petitions, filing fees, supplies and promotional material to get our Tenant Protection and Community Stabilization Charter Amendment on the November ballot.

A community means people, not brick and mortar. If we fail, our community will continue to be exploited by hedge funds and others whose sole objective is profits. Please help give residents who pay their bills and follow the rules a fighting chance at housing stability. The residents of Alameda will be immensely grateful for every dollar contributed toward the stability of our city.

You can help at www.gofundme.com/alameda-renters.


Monty J Heying, Alameda Renters Coalition Steering Committee

We rabbis of the East Bay unite in one voice to denounce the campaign message and tactics of presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.  As rabbis, we are committed to the preservation of sacred word, both ancient and modern. The words used by Trump have served to create hate and fear, animosity and anxiety.

In his calls to bar Muslim immigration to this country; in his characterization of Mexican immigrants as rapists; in his demeaning and degrading attacks on women; in his peddling of classic stereotypes; in his refusal to condemn violence in his supporters; in his incitement to violence in those same supporters, including promises to cover legal fees for those who attack innocent protesters, Trump is dangerously and irresponsibly stoking the flames of anger and violence. 

As Jews, we know too well the physical violence that is borne from verbal violence. We believe that, despite our theological and philosophical differences, the time has come to condemn this hateful rhetoric. We urge all people of conscience to reject Trump’s rhetoric, and the rising tide of hatred it has engendered.

Serving communities that reflect the diversity of the East Bay, we each have friends and family members, companions and neighbors of all religions and ethnicities. We come together across political and denominational lines to support all members of our communities, all of them created, in the words of Genesis, in the image of God.

The Psalmist lamented the exultations of those “who gush out, who speak arrogantly… who gather themselves against the soul of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood.” It is up to us to hear our Creator’s call to rebuke those who would stir up bigotry, violence, and hate. 

We pray that our words here today lead our nation on a path toward light and love, holiness and wholeness.


Rabbi Barnett J. Brickner, Temple Israel, Alameda with Rabbi Idit Solomon, Rabbi Michael Rothbaum, Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Rabbi Dev Noily, Rabbi Bridget Wynne, Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Rabbi Judy Shanks, Rabbi Avi Shulman, Rabbi Samue

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter signed by 18 rabbis serving the East Bay expressing deep concern over the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump.


The sixth edition of Bike Walk Alameda’s popular Bicycle & Walking Map is now out, and the board would like to thank our sponsors for making it possible. The list includes the city of Alameda Public Works Department; Alameda Bicycle; Alameda Municipal Power; Tracy Zollinger, L.Ac.; the East Bay Regional Park District; and Tucker’s Super Creamed Ice Cream.

The free map, which lists the Island’s best biking and walking routes, is available in several locations, including local libraries and bike shops, City Hall West, the Crab Cove Visitor’s Center and Tucker’s Ice Cream. A full list is available at www.bikewalkalameda.org/information/map.


Lucy Gigli President, Bike Walk Alameda