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I am concerned about local wildlife getting hurt from litter. A way to make it better is to put in more trash cans.

Sofia Yildirim


Alameda’s Poet Laureate and the Alameda Sun’s founding editor Julia Park Tracey helped our troop earn their Scribe Badges. She taught them how to write poems, news articles and opinion pieces.

Thank you, Julia, for your time and talent.

Jennifer Lisanti, Troop Leader

The Alameda Sun received a series of letters from members of Girl Scout Troop 31907 expressing their opinions about life in Alameda.

I am a lifelong resident of Alameda, a former Planning Board member, a current member of the Historical Advisory Board and a contractor by trade. I fully supported plans to restore the Del Monte warehouse when the City Council approved them on Dec. 16, and I support them today.

The Del Monte warehouse was built in 1927. Today it is one of only 30 historical buildings left in Alameda. People on both sides of the aisle have said they want this landmark preserved. The approved plan is the only way to get it done.

The retrofitting, rehabilitation and restoration of the building will cost upwards of $125 million; 380 residential units and 30,000 square feet of commercial-retail space are required to finance this project and preserve the building. Nothing less. Our city leaders understood this. They heard community input at 12 public meetings and modified the plan to fit the neighborhoods requests.

If left to its present use as a shipping warehouse, a major earthquake could be the end of the warehouse. We can’t wait another 50 years. The approved plan may be our last chance to restore and preserve this monument, and the neighborhood has agreed to the plan.

Our new leaders have decided to overturn the past two years of community work on this project, which could lead to expensive litigation. I am hopeful the project can continue and be completed.

John Piziali