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Remember summer camp when you were a kid? Swimming, sailing, camping? Outdoor fun? And in touch with the environment?
In our expensive urban world, it’s hard to find that experience at an affordable price. That’s why we started Alameda Community Sailing Center in 2013. It’s a non-profit dedicated to helping people get in touch with environmentally friendly ways to enjoy San Francisco Bay. 
In 2015, our third year, more than 150 kids who learned to sail through our program. We paid for 36 of those young people who would not have been able to afford it with more than $20,000 in scholarships. 
Those kids were beneficiaries of a few people and organizations that partially underwrote the cost of those scholarships. For 2016 we would like to raise $26,000 and give 10 more scholarships.
We need your readers’ help to do that. I would like to invite them to visit www.SailAlameda.org, scroll down to “Doug’s Holiday Campaign 2015” and make a donation. They will help more kids learn about a healthy activity they can enjoy for their entire lives.
Thanks and happy holidays.


Doug Perry

A big thank you to our City Councilmembers on Tuesday, Dec. 1, when they sent the plan to install nine shipping containers that would masquerade as office buildings at Blanding Avenue and Park Street back to the Planning Department for further review. 
Hopefully this will be the end of a bad idea. The Council listened to the public and acted upon their wishes; a classic of how government is supposed to work. Thank you again, City Council.
As an aside; Andrew Thomas’ boss should point out to him that his paycheck comes from the taxpayers of Alameda. As such his loyalties should be to those taxpayers and not to developers with cockamamie schemes. 
He sounded like a slick suede shoe artist when he presented the shipping container plan to the Council. Bah, humbug!


Dave Case

Consider giving the gift of education by making a donation to the Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) during the holidays. When you give to AEF, you make an impact on learning for Alameda students, providing them with support and opportunities they would not have. You also show them that our community cares.
Your support means that 600 middle-schoolers will benefit from participation in an after-school organized sports program that includes an academic tie-in to keep them motivated in the classroom as well as on the sports court or field.
Your gift to AEF supports after-school and summer learning opportunities in everything from the arts to technology for more than 3,000 students. These classes and camps engage children outside of the classroom and keep learning going on all year long.  
With your gift, we can expose thousands of elementary school students to unique performing arts productions, such as the Oakland Symphony’s Young People’s Concerts.  
AEF’s Equipped 4 Success program provides children from low-income families with backpacks and school supplies, making these students prepared for school from day one. Our Adopt-A-Classroom program supports teachers city-wide, helping to fund field trips as well as the purchase of science and art supplies.
These programs are some of what your end-of-the-year gift supports, though we have more planned. Beginning in 2016, we will sponsor a college test prep program that will serve students who are historically underrepresented in college, increasing the opportunities for these students to benefit from a college education that will change the course of their lives.
Thanks for your gift this holiday season. It will work magic. It is easy to give to AEF. Visit www.aef.org. You can donate online or download a mail-in donation form.


Bill Sonneman, President Alameda Education Foundaton