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I want to thank the Alameda Sun for the front-page placement and photo of the Park Street bench dedication last week (“New Bench on Park Street Honors Tam,” Feb. 4). It was held by the city’s Commission on Disability Issues to honor past commissioner Nielsen Tam who passed away last year, after serving six years. 

The commission has been working tirelessly over the past three years to get benches installed on Park Street to help create community and to provide rest stops for persons with disabilities and the elderly. 

While a commissioner, I was honored to have worked with Niel to help make these benches a reality. Having served 10 years on the commission, I can say that this coverage and recognition of the commission’s work is deeply appreciated not only by me but by all currently serving and those who have served in the past. 

The commission is dedicated to making Alameda as accessible as possible and so much of that work is behind the scenes and often not as visible to the community at large.


Audrey Lord-Hausman

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.

Dear City Council:
I am 12 years old and I believe Central Avenue should have a bike lane the full length of the island. It is a main street connecting the east end of town to the west. And while there are people who travel by car, there are also many people who travel by bike. Having a safe, dedicated place to ride, I feel, should be a priority.

I took a bike safety class and went to bike safety camp. I follow the rules of the road. I ride in bike lanes when they are available. I use proper hand signals. I maintain a safe distance from parked cars. I stop at all stop signs and signals, and I am aware of my surroundings when I ride. I wear a reflective vest, and I have flashing lights on my bike. 

I have done my part in being a safe rider. Yet, when I ride with my three friends to school at The Academy of Alameda, on the other end of town, we don’t feel safe. I get disturbed when drivers flip us off and say mean things to us. They yell out the windows, telling us to ride on the sidewalk. Additionally, there are also drivers who are driving aggressively and fast next to me. 

There are also many distracted drivers, checking their phone, changing the radio station or drinking coffee. These drivers’ actions put my safety in jeopardy. It would make me feel safe if there were established bike lanes on Central Avenue.

I did speak at the November Transportation Committee Meeting. I voiced my opinion about the need for safe bike routes then. I, unfortunately, cannot attend the City Council meeting later this month, as I have a previously scheduled Boy Scout event. I would like for the City Council to take my letter and note my commitment to making Alameda a safe place for all bike riders.

Kyle Long

The Midway Shelter for abused women and children would like to thank the generous people who donated to the shelter in January.  A number of the listed donors contributed several times. Three donors chose to remain anonymous. 

The shelter would like to thank Girl Scout Troop #31402 and its leader Katherine Legg; members of the First Congregational Church UCC, the Home of Truth Spiritual Center and the First Presbyterian Church of Alameda all sent the shelter money in January. The Alameda Welfare Council also donated to the shelter last month.

The shelter couldn’t go on without the generosity of people like Diana Schmidt, Ted and Rabbitcarole Brassmassery, Caroline Queener and John Platt and David Graber. Christine Buck, Marliz Beland and Betty Sanderson each sent in a donation, as did Ann Casper and Mark Irons. Virginia Krutilek donated in January. She was joined by Virginia and David Miller and Jeanne Egbert.

Generous couples like Kathryn Sue Munn and Charles Hodgkins; Leslie and Kerry Kurasaki; Patty and Tom Olson; Beth Strachan and Dan Neuschafer all donated to the shelter in January. 

Marion E. Yeaw sent a donation, as did Christine Orozco, Lee Anne and Michael Baker and Garrienne Nakano. Lenore and Alvaro Garcia donated in memory of Hal Wondolleck. Tom and Luzanne Engh gave to the shelter in memory of Mary Sucio.

Joanne Robinson sent the shelter a donation, as did Lois Pryor, Catherine Atcheson, Barbara Anderson, Louis Rembrandt and Christina Orozco.

If you’d like to see your name listed among the generous February donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more, call 523-2377 or visit www.midwayshelter.org.


Ginny Krutilek