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I thought John Grimaldi’s news analysis about the school resource officer cuts ("Cutting School Resource Officers Unnecessary," May 28) was excellent.

It was perfectly written, well-researched, and very compelling. I was very surprised when I reached the end of the article to see that it was written by a high school senior.

Congratulations on an excellent article. I wish John good luck at Oberlin and wherever his future may lead him.

Marshall Goldberg


A lot of people have been piling on about the bike lane on Shore Line Drive. I live on Shore Line and was a proponent during the early discussion days and even after construction was complete. I also own three bikes and riding up Shore Line prior to the bike lanes was a death-defying experience. Now, I feel totally safe riding my bike on the new lanes.

That said, I drive my car to work and back and use the road significantly more than the bike lanes. Driving is now a death-defying experience. The lanes are narrow, people are pulling out of driveways, parking spots, and there are cross streets with blind spots. I have had two near misses.

Yesterday when pulling onto Shore Line from Grand Street, a driver totally missed the stop sign and nearly T-boned me. Very scary, and fortunately my reflexes were quick and I avoided a very nasty accident/injury. When I do use Shore Line (which I now avoid at all costs), I am forced to drive 15 mph.

In summary, I like the idea of bike lanes, but the design has made this once pleasurable and scenic drive a traffic nightmare.

S.D. Fenton

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter sent to the mayor, city council and various officials with the city of Alameda.


Dear honorable powers that be of my City of Alameda:

I am writing on behalf of myself and those who have commented to me that, since In-N-Out Burger on Willie Stargell Avenue cranked up its cooking facilities. Coming into Alameda out of the Webster Tube, one is overwhelmed by the stench of grease (instead of the scent of jasmine).

We’d like to know who approved the permit of this stink factory. Do those who issued the permit live next door to the In-N-Out Burger?

More importantly, we’d like to know if the city has the ways and means to get rid of the stench.

Do the homeowners next door or across the roads out of the Webster and into the Posey tubes have any property rights?

Is there a rule, regulation, ordinance or law that can be used to eliminate this horrific destruction of the quality of Alameda life caused by the repulsive smells blowing out of the In-N-Out Burger on Willie Stargell Avenue (regardless of the direction of the wind)?

Thank you for your anticipated courtesy and cooperation in promptly addressing this burning malodorous issue.

CJ Kingsley