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We are opposed to increasing the building size for and adding a unit to 1207 Union St. It will increase traffic and parking. Please preserve this Victorian-era single-family home.

Eleanor McDonnell, Laimaily Smith and Marie Mason


Developmental authoritarianism is ascendent in Alameda. We read it in the letters to this newspaper, hear it from the podium at City Council meetings and suffer it through Facebook and Twitter.

The developmental authoritarians intend to deprive us of choices in how and where we live, where we work and how we commute to and from our workplace. "It’s bicycles and condos for you!" they insist, whether that lifestyle works for you and your family or not. The result, as always, with authoritarianism, is a deprivation of your freedoms and liberties.

One need not be a libertarian to see their authoritarianism: "I am going to force my idealism down your throat whether you like it or not," is their mantra. It is no different than those who say that only heterosexual married couples should raise children because their "Leave-it-to-Beaver" idealism says that is for the greater good.

Some of the local authoritarians are on the payroll of the developers that stand to profit from the hyper-development of Alameda. Others are true believers who have been hijacked by the developers. Is it only in Alameda that otherwise progressive people denounce corporate profits except when it comes to developers?

Sure, Del Monte, Boatworks, Alameda Point are about how much longer it’s going to take you to get to work in the morning. The larger, more frightening, issue is the affiliation of local advocates with the developers, a coalition that insists it knows what’s best for us.

How much choice will Alamedans allow these developmental authoritarians to take away from us?

David Howard


We shall defend our island,

whatever the cost may be.

We shall fight on the beaches.

We shall fight on the air base.

We shall fight in the parks, in the marshlands and soccer fields.

We shall fight the snarling traffic in the streets.

We shall never surrender.

Jan Sutter