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To the city of Alameda:

I am concerned about the intimidating presence of three beefy plain-clothes security guards in the lobby at the Jan. 5 City Council meeting. They attracted my attention when one of them dropped his handcuffs. He later confronted me after I pointed them out to a friend. 

“Did you tell him we were security guards?” “Yes,” I said. “Hey, look,” he said, “that’s the last thing we want. We’re here to keep things peaceful.” He didn’t say whether they were from the police department or hired by some private entity (Jamestown, perhaps?) We talked and found out we were both ex-Marines, so there was mutual respect and no tension. 

There were plenty of uniformed police around. A private security force seems creepy.
I want to know if these plainclothes guards were present at the request of City Council, city management or someone else. Who?

What is the policy of city management regarding the use of plain-clothes security? 
Alameda is being torn apart. We need leadership that defuses tensions and brings us together. Residents need to feel they can be heard without being intimidated. (Maybe a giant pot-luck or something where we can be together informally, play horseshoes and stuff.)

Are we a city or Lilliputian toys manipulated by an alien cloud company like Jamestown, LLP? Until we come together as a city, we are toys for Jamestown, whose interests are purely financial. 

— Monty J Heying

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.


I thought your readers should know that if they missed “Tango …Tangled” as performed by the Alameda String Academy at the Alameda Free Library, the academy will perform its much acclaimed composition once more this Sunday, Jan. 17, at C’era Una Volta. 

This collaboration of C’era Una Volta and the Alameda String Academy is one of the many community outreach events generously hosted by what is arguably one of the East Bay’s finest Italian restaurants.

Founded in 2013 to serve the Alameda community through educational concerts and private lessons, the Alameda String Academy is an ensemble of superlative performers, both students and teachers, that applies creativity, diligence and native talent to stringed instruments. The academy graciously appears at community venues in Alameda in its many enrichment events. The performances appeal to and inspire music lovers of all ages.

The mission at the academy is to impart a love of music and a life of musical expression to its students, their families and to the wider community in Alameda.

This Sunday night, Alamedans are in for a rare experience, in my opinion. The academy will make a departure from its educational mandate and showcase its leading musicians. 

“Tango … Tangled” explores the range of possibilities of the cello and guitar. Conservatory and classically trained faculty musicians such as guitarist Ross Thompson, cellist Lucas Chen and violinist Erica Ward on violin, will perform classical European pieces as influenced by the rhythms of South American tango. The arrangements are composed by Raffaele Bellafronte and Astor Piazzolla and include an original composition by Ross Thompson.

Dinner seating commences at 5 p.m. Reservations are limited and can be made by calling the restaurant. Oh, and by the way, the Italian word for strings is, you guessed it, spaghetti.


Jeffrey R. Smith

My friends and I are in Destination Imagination (DI). We all go to Amelia Earhart Elementary School. DI is a program for children that makes them compete in finding an imaginative approach to solving problems. 

Our team is called DI Everlasting. We are doing a project called the MEME event. The event is a project when DI teams will perform community service and have a goal to reach. We will be picking up trash along Crown Memorial Beach on Sunday, Jan. 24, at 1 p.m.

Our goal is to reduce the possibility of sea animals suffocating from garbage and to make the beach cleaner. We need more people to help us, but we can’t afford to advertise ourselves. 

We ask that you print this letter to help us publicize our effort. Please help us, and remember to join us Jan. 24 at 1 p.m.


The DI Evelasting Team: Theone Martin, Maya Stewart, Lilia Brack, Katelyn Shum and Priscilla Chung