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Thank you for running the fascinating, heartbreaking but very important series this month on Black History in Alameda (“Black History Month,” Feb. 14, 21, 28). Rasheed Shabazz is an excellent chronicler, and all of his installments are very well put together. We hope to hear more from him.  

This history should also be shared in our Alameda schools so our students know the history and that we are making progress. 

Eating lunch today downtown we were surrounded by Alamedans of all color and race, and glad to live in the bubble that we feel is our town.  


Susan & Jeff Dunn

It’s cold outside, the Mueller Report has not been completed, so what America (or at least Alameda) needs is a cute poem.

The Queen of 1344 Park St. 
The world was saved last night,
By a tiny evangelical. 
Frocked in a short gold jacket,
A teenager with dark eyes and hair,
Sat in a chair.
On her lap she held a mammoth…book.
Inches thick,
Its clear cover evidence of origin — The Library,
No doubt pulled from the shelf,
Like Arthur his sword. 
Cross legged,
Our queen reader turned page after page,
And with each flip destroyed the enemies:
Bam! Away, ignorance.
Zapp! Begone, enemies of 
Boom! Cease, those scornful of youth!
Clang! Open, closed minds! 
Blap! Enough ye doomsayers!
And from each wall,
The stories looked on,
And hopeful,
That soon her acolytes,
Would mimic their regal leader,
And take them home to be equally adored. 


Gene Kahane

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) is holding a series of meetings to discuss consolidating Alameda High School (AHS) and Encinal High School (EHS) into one gigantic AHS. By “gigantic” I mean more than 30 students in every class. For students who have the option of taking an industrial arts class at EHS, they can forget that once the city has one high school. AHS doesn’t offer this class. 

Somehow physical education (PE) classes will be on hold at EHS, because AUSD (doesn’t have) the facilities to run a quality program. The school district is going to save money by closing the Emma Hood Swim Center at AHS. How will AUSD transport swimmers to and from the pool at EHS? 

If you really want to know why AUSD is proposing consolidating the schools, follow the money. The biggest item in the district’s budget is salaries. One high school has fewer teachers than two. 

In my opinion, AUSD is not being honest. Parents and taxpayers need to know why the district is proposing this consolidation. Having public meetings to discuss this issue is not going to change the plans that the district has already placed in motion. This is not a trial balloon. Unless parents of students at both high schools voice their opposition before it’s too late, consolidation is a done deal. 

Why is one high school better than two? Parents and taxpayers should demand an honest answer to this question. 


Ashley Jones