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Fall is the polishing time. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. For some reason, the spirit that guides us made our experiences in fall the peak of the year’s efforts.

For animals, both wild and domestic, it is the rut, the breeding time. The bulls and bucks have never looked better. Their antlers and horns are hardened into weapons and sharpened against trees. Their bodies are lean and aggressive, and they tend to lose all good sense.

I don’t think for a minute that it is just a calendar coincidence that fall is when most festivals, fairs and exhibitions occur. Because by the time fall rolls around, we have jars of jelly ready for competition. The hunters have been practicing out at the range for weeks now and are ready to take the rifle or the bow into the woods to see how their skills measure up to those who they’d love to subdivide and put in the freezer.

The kids are all back in school now, where they can try out all the new crazy stunts on their friends that they learned from their uncles last summer. It is a holy, blessed time for that. Family tradition, you know.

The uncles have been polishing these stunts for decades now and have brought them down to a science. And the older folks may not be building cabins or climbing mountains after elk as much these days, but there is a lot to be said for just passing along stories to the youngsters. And it works out fairly well when we realize that ‘most everyone who could challenge the truth of one of those stories has already graciously died on us.

Fall is just a wonderful time to be alive.

— Slim Randles

Alameda community:
After an eventful summer of golf for young people at Corica Park, the Alameda Junior Golf Club season came to an end on Aug. 9 in time for the school year. Week after week local youth have played on the MIF and the North Course Tournaments and learned skills in the golf clinics. Each week there was a noticeable improvement in abilities and an increase in golf confidence among our young people. A big thank you goes to the Board Members and volunteers assisting the kids each week and helping to make this long-standing program work!

Thanks also to the parents who realize the value of the event and enroll their children for the summer during the nine June through August Wednesday tournaments. Thanks to David Mann of Greenway Golf and Corica Park for supporting the continuation of a program that began in 1991. It was co-founded by Norma Arnerich and Jack Clark with the express purpose of introducing and fostering interest in golf among the local youth.

Also, a big thank you to Alameda Sun for their support publishing of the weekly results of the tournament.

To read an archive of results and stories of the Alameda Junior Golf Club this past summer, visit the Alameda Sun sports section online. For more information on the club, visit www.alamedajuniorgolf.memberplanet.com or call 510-521-4727.

— Alameda Junior Golf Club

Alameda community:
We’re sending a big thank you to everyone who came out to hear and dance to some great bands in July at the South Shore Summer Beats Concert Series! Drink sales at Alameda Education Foundation’s booth plus your donations helped us provide about 900 students in Alameda public schools with new backpacks and supplies to start the school year with confidence.

These supplies (valued at approximately $50 per student) were distributed to students at the Alameda Point Collaborative, Operation Dignity and various AUSD school sites. Your sponsorship of our School Supply program is vital — and we thank you on behalf of these students!

— Alameda Education Foundation