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It was almost the end of June when I really started to focus on Pride Month. I realized, as the expression goes, that I had no dog in the fight. 

Nevertheless, I could not resist wanting to point out that sexuality is a continuum or a spectrum, and not an individual territory, and that sexual identity follows a long arc between male and female. There are multiple gradations of difference, and everyone — since people know their own minds better than anyone else does — has an overriding prerogative to choose where they belong without being criticized or second-guessed.  

All power to the Rainbow, and individual freedom that doesn’t harm anyone else.


Stanley Hallmark

Something is terribly wrong. I run a two-bedroom unit in Alameda. Today, if I were renting it, my whole income would go to rent leaving $84 for food, utilities, car insurance, etc. Also I never thought I would ever live in a house that cost $1 million. Now I can see why people who work have to live in their cars. Three units on my block the same as mine each rent for $4,500 per month. 

When I moved here in 1998 I paid $300,000 for my home. Today, I could not afford to buy my house at almost $1 million. I talked to one of the renters next door. He told me his employer pays his rent. He said he is an engineer that he owes so much money for his education, he will never be able to buy property. He also said that when he was growing up he and his mother were homeless for two years.

What kind of a country has America become with millions of people — including veterans —living in cardboard boxes on the street? Millions have no medical coverage or care and no pensions. College tuition is prohibitive. 

Now really, I ask you, has this country gone crazy or what? 


Elizabeth Prosser

So apparently the City Councilmembers who broke the law by pressuring the City Manager on the Fire Chief hire, thus causing the city to pay out $1 million, are now asking the city to cover their legal bills?!

This is classic chutzpah. You know, where the guy who axe murdered his parents throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan? They caused the problem and are now expecting us to pay for it?

These people should resign from the City Council. Furthermore, the mayor should be demanding that they resign. But that’s not going to happen.


Russ Button