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The most bizarre aspect of my silly Halloween story (“New Store Provides For Local Zombies,” Oct. 26) is that in these days of Trumpian dystopia, you were compelled to run a “fake news” disclosure under it. Now that’s scary! 

Fine editing, as usual. Thanks.

Gil Michaels


I welcome the opportunity to piggyback on a recent letter (“Fernside neighbors report crime wave,” Oct. 19). To clarify, the Alameda Police Department accounts for 42 percent of the city’s annual budget. It seems to me that the department has the financial resources needed to pursue property crimes. 

And, if the cops spent less time in coffee shops, (“Coffee with a Cop,” Oct. 12) ironically they would have more time to do so.


Jack Tyler


Thank you for your fine editorial on the events surrounding the City Manager’s allegations. (“City Must Fully Investigate City Manager’s Allegations,” Oct. 19.) The Alameda Sun has done a fine community service and I’m sure that is greatly appreciated by many, many residents.


Reyla Graber


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