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In her recent commentary (“Let’s Move Alameda off Stuck,” Aug. 23) Democratic Party activist Gaby Dolphin claims that our nation’s Democratic institutions are under assault from the Trump Administration. The commentary references alleged white supremacy, racism, xenophobia and, predictably, references Nazi Germany of the 1930s.

Even though her preferred candidate lost, our nation’s election apparatus works just fine as evidenced by President Donald Trump’s resounding victory of 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232. Trump’s victory wasn’t a result of white supremacy, racism or xenophobia but of his message of “Making America Great Again,” which struck a chord with the American people.

The Nazi Germany reference?  There was violence in the streets then just as there is now. But today’s violence is by the left protesting the results of a free and fair presidential election. If one wears a Trump shirt in the Bay Area that person is in actual physical danger. Witness the organized, violent assaults by leftist antifa rioters against Trump supporters and the First Amendment. 

In addition to the violence initiated by “tolerant” progressives, they have attempted to undermine our President’s efforts to keep America safe from foreign trespassers by declaring cities such as Alameda “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens and turning down federal grants that would benefit our community.

Progressive supporters of these sanctuary policies do so not out of their sanctimonious, contrived claims to protect illegals, but to thumb their noses at our President, legitimate elections results, lawful immigrants and American families (Angel Families) who have been victimized by illegal aliens.  

When George W. Bush beat Al Gore in the 2000 election there were Democratic Party lunatic conspiracy theories of a “stolen” election, protests and rioting in the streets. I thought then it could never get any worse but with the left’s reaction to Trump’s election it is apparent that I was wrong.  


Brian Kennedy

The Midway Shelter for abused women and their children would like to offer its thanks to those individuals and groups who contributed to the shelter during the month of August. A number of the listed donors contributed several times last month. Two donors chose to remain anonymous. 

Thanks go out to the Pipkin-McGrath family, Jay Dawson, Tomorr Haxhimali and Christine Buck. Louis Toepfer donated to the shelter last month, as did Lois Pryor, Gary & Lily Gee and Virginia Krutilek.

Mary Butler gave to remember Catherine Hilken. Mary Buck sent a donation, as did M. Jimenez, Gabrielle Dolphin & Alan Pryor and Paula Patillo-Dupree. Lance & Sandra Russum donated in memory of: Kathleen D’Azevedo, Angelica Masferrer, Marie Mulcahy, Helen Eng, Milton Howard, Jack Locke, Bill Locke, Mary Ann Wright, Eugene Schroder and Gertrude Dallas.

If you would like to help the women and children at the shelter and see your name listed among the generous September donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda, CA 94501. To learn more, call 357-0205, ext. 206 or visit www.midwayshelter.org


Ginny Krutilek

I’m an Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam. I’d say at least 70 percent of my formal weapons training was on the AR-16 assault rifle. I was good with this weapon and earned the Expert badge my first year in the service. This rifle is surprisingly easy to use, completely idiot proof, has next to no recoil, comes apart and cleans up like a dream and is light to carry around. Every weapon that a solider uses has the express purpose of killing human beings. That is what they are made for.

The bullets from this rifle travel at three times the speed of sound and when they hit a human being the entry wound is small, but the exit wound is the size of a coke can. With this in mind, is anybody surprised that nearly every mass shooter in recent U.S. history has used an AR-15 assault rifle to commit his or her crime? And why wouldn’t they? If you are 18 or older you can buy one or more at Wal-Mart or just about any sports store. These are not deer rifles. They are not target rifles. They are people-killing rifles. Let’s stop pretending they’re not. 

We ban many things in society that can pose a danger to other people by their misuse; foods, wild animals, explosives, some types of alcohol and drugs to name a few. Assault rifle ownership is the one thing our country collectively refuses to ban or manage and the result is a lot of dead people. This rifle is so deadly and so easy to use that no civilian should be able to get one. We simply don’t need these assault rifles in society at large. 

In future elections, consider voting for those politicians that support a ban on assault rifles. The life you save may be your own!


Paul Hauser