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I was heartbroken when I read that the Alameda Sun, our hometown paper, will cease to be on Nov. 30. The shutting down of local newspapers like the Alameda Sun is such a huge loss in our communities.

I have enjoyed reading the Alameda Sun for years. You will be greatly missed by so many of us.

I will be sure to stop by your office and say goodbye and thank you.

— Angie Watson-Hajjem

How sad to read that the Alameda Sun newspaper won’t brighten my doorstep after Nov. 30! I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the Sun local news all these years.

Many, many thanks for your great coverage of our town, and I will keep reading online.

— Elizabeth Greene

Just got my Sun today and read about your ceasing at the end of November ... I am so sad. Hate to see yet another newspaper close. Big tears. I’ll miss seeing all the comments and local news as the ‘Alameda’ Journal has very little Alameda news. I like holding the paper and reading.

Thank you for your many years of keeping us informed.

— Ginny Krutilek