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Greetings to the editors of the Alameda Sun! We are happy to renew (online) our annual subscription to the Sun, and encourage other Alamedans to do so. We really appreciate the recent articles on Measure A, traffic safety, what’s going on at City Hall and so many other topics.

Thank you for doing such a great job to keep us informed. Happy 2020 to all, and happy anniversary to the Sun this year!


Elizabeth & Wade Greene

Things must be getting tight at the Alameda Sun when they start using canine columnists. (“A Dog’s Eye View: On Walking Around The Island City,” Dec. 19)


Ashley Jones

Editor: Hey, by the way, is your subscription up to date, Ash?


Who was the Grinch that stole Christmas? The “holiday tree” decorations in front of City Hall commemorate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and “Happy Holiday” but no Merry Christmas! Who’s decision was this? 

The “reason for the season” has traditionally been a Christian celebration acknowledging the birth of the Christian savior, Jesus Christ. Certainly, in more recent years, its historical significance has become very “commercialized” but, nonetheless, remains a Christian celebration. I have no issue with any other celebration or no celebration.

But, no Christmas? How sad! Where are the church elders? Where are Christ’s people? I have not seen nor heard any protests. Are they huddled in their church enclaves too afraid to say anything? Perhaps, they just don’t care! 


Bruce Elerick