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The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.

Paul Mueller, Volunteer Coordinator for the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, has put out a statement that due to the government shutdown the Fish and Wildlife Service is unable to fully staff the properties under its management.  

As the Alameda Wildlife Reserve is under the auspices of the San Francisco Bay Refuge, we are forced to cancel our scheduled Jan. 13 work party to prepare for the arrival of the least terns in April. Hopefully the shutdown will end soon and we can reschedule this event.

If you have further questions, please contact me at pg3187@gmail.com.

Pat Gannon

“...this is a heartless, soulless petition that now — if Alamedans do nothing — will come before the voters in a very expensive waste of time and your money.” (Editor’s note, Dec. 27, 2018)

I own a modest property on McKay Avenue near Crab Cove, right across the street from the proposed “dreaded” homeless facility. I’ve been dismayed at the outpouring of self-righteous rage aimed at our community’s less fortunate. How have the outraged become so inured, self-congratulatory, callous and judgmental? Are they so out of touch with the lives of other human beings? Moreover, so ignorant of how things are for huge numbers of people in our current world? 

To those I say, lift your gaze slightly higher than your navel and notice the real issues all around you that could do with your attention (and, perhaps, your focused outrage). 

For example, the state of your nation’s politics might be a good place to start. Or how our environmental, social, cultural and pathetically inadequate medical protections are ripped apart while you organize to keep other humans from basic, humane care. 

Healthy communities need involved and active members and I applaud all those who step up to do this important work. But at a time when our nation is riven by ugly rhetoric and action, it behooves community members to examine his or her deeply held values and, if necessary, modify them. Try to come down on the side of people — all people — including the homeless, the sick, the young, the elderly and the migrant.

Look around. We live in a beautiful world that is in dire need of effective nurturing. Thank your luck for your well-heeled status, then work on your compassion for human beings beyond your small self-important ecosystem. 

Who knows, something miraculous might happen. You could discover being humane is a challenging and wonderful complexity beyond your current imagination. 


Susan Galleymore

While I always enjoy reading the Alameda Sun, I enjoy receiving it more. I like to sit on my front porch in the mornings for that first cup of coffee and cigarette (I know it’s not the correct thing to do). 

The newspaper delivery man always stops to smile, say, “Hello” and make sure the paper makes it up to the porch near my feet. What a great way to start the day. He does a great job representing the paper.


Janelle Spatz