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Summer of success

Editor: I am so excited about the many things going on in our city right now. To see businesses reopening and people enjoying themselves again, signs of the economy opening up like our extended ferry service, and people enjoying themselves at the pool.

The little things this year are the big things. It seemed all the more sweet having lived through 2020. At the Chamber, we want to ensure you have all the resources to be successful in your own “pursuit of happiness.” If there’s something you need, contact us.

This fall, we’re putting together a resource for the community. Our new guide will not only have business listings but articles and “best of” listings. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity that will be circulated among businesses and people interested in our area. Our goal behind it is to make everyone who picks up a copy know exactly what it is they want to do in Alameda, whether they are here for a short time or decide to move here.

We’re not taking the summer off. There’s plenty to be done. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Here’s to the “Summer of Success!”

Madlen Saddik Alameda Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

Anniversary of a splashdown

Editor: The USS Hornet Museum will be hosting a celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the recovery of the Apollo 11 Astronauts by the USS Hornet.

Our program will include two Apollo Mission Control members, Joey Lazzaro (Flight Controller) & Jerry Bostick (Retrofire Officer and Flight Dynamics Officer). There will also be displays from NASA and other space program organizations (with information about Apollo and current space exploration activities), a model rocket display and of course our own Apollo exhibits.

We will have some presentations and a panel with Joey Lazzaro, Jerry Bostick and Hornet Crew members who served during the Apollo missions. Bob Fish, USS Hornet Board member and author of Hornet Plus Three will be the MC. Two Star Wars costume clubs (Rebel Legion Endor Base and 501st Legion Golden Gate Garrison) will be there as well for fun for the whole family.

Most events will be all day (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) but the presentation/panel portion of the day will start at 1 p.m. A full day of education and fun for everyone.

Russel Moore Community Events and Outreach Manager USS Hornet Museum

Is a wake-up call around the corner?

Editor: Reluctantly, and grudgingly, there has been some admission over recent months, that many of the accusations levelled against former President Trump were, in fact, politically-motivated hokum—things like collusion with Russians or the impossibility of a Wuhan lab leak.

Unfortunately, it has not yet reached the point where people are jolted out of their ho-hum fantasies and political hatreds. My point is not to get people on the FOX side of the silly tug of war between news channels. I’m trying to get people to think.
For example, if the safe and inexpensive drug ivermectin had been promoted by the medical establishment last year, hundreds of thousands of American lives might have been saved from COVID. The media is still covering this up. This is an outrage and people should not shrug it off! And what about climate change? Every facet of our economy and culture is being shaped by the impending doom of climate change.

And yet, Steven Koonin, a former climate scientist in the Obama administration has just created an uproar by publishing a book, Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters, which documents how we are nor facing an imminent climate catastrophe.

Will this spark a major reassessment of economic and educational policies of the past few decades? This also could save countless lives. Members of City Council, take note.

Hunter Cobb