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The year in review article (“2019: Year in Review,” Jan. 2) leaves the wrong impression on the proposed South Shore Shopping Center development. While it is technically true that Jamestown properties announced their plans to remake the property, it is not an approved plan. 

This and other Alameda Sun articles leave the impression that this is a done deal. It is not. No plans have been approved and I believe none yet submitted. I would like to ask the Sun to be clear in its articles about this proposal. And to my neighbors: let’s organize against this insane plan. 

Kathleen Sullivan

Editor’s note: Every article published on the topic mentioned that the plans had several more hurdles to clear before execution. How readers chose to interpret those articles is another story entirely. 


I must admit my tail drooped when my Old Man read me Ashley Jones’s letter to the editor, (“Going to the dogs,” Jan. 2) but I can’t let it pass. I am truly honored the Sun  has published my ramblings on our jewel of an island. We are lucky to have such a fine publication that reports on and gives voices to our diverse community including Jones and those of us who walk on four legs — closer to our city’s action. 


Rudy the Dog (John Platt)

I wonder what Bruce Elerick thinks the huge Christmas tree in front of City Hall is saying (“Who was the Grinch?” Jan. 2). Not so with Chanukah and Kwanzaa. 

If there was no Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanzaa banners I daresay many people would not even realize these holidays are being celebrated also.


Karen Green