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This letter is in response to the letter from Assm. Rob Bonta (“Birther Movement comes to Alameda,” July 5).

In his letter he is characterizing a group of concerned Alameda residents as Donald Trump supporters and right-wing wingnuts. The recall of Vice Mayor Malia Vella has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, the Republicans or anything having to do with the federal government. 

It’s really a moot point now because the papers weren’t filed correctly. However, his reaction and accusations are unacceptable. It is simply residents of Alameda voicing their concerns about the whole City Manager deal where two sitting Councilmembers (Vella and Jim Oddie) chose to go against the charter and tried to influence the City Manager regarding the hiring of a new Fire Chief. Ultimately the City Manager was let go with the residents of Alameda paying the bill for her firing.
In his letter he characterizes anyone signing the recall petition as being a Trump supporter therefore very few people would have the nerve to sign the petition for fear of being harassed. 

This is what he wrote: “So let’s be clear. If you sign any recall petition, you’re supporting this hate, bigotry and intolerance. If you think Alameda should aspire to becoming a racist backwater, sign it.” 

Talk about a smear campaign, this is the worst kind of bigotry and bias. I have big news for Bonta, people who sign the petition are concerned residents of Alameda who see something wrong with sitting Councilmembers going against the City Charter by trying to influence the City Manager. 

This is a democracy where everyone has a right to voice their pleasure or displeasure of our politicians. How dare you paint good, honest people of Alameda as racists or bigots because they want to sign a recall petition. 

I will certainly exercise my right of dissent when it comes time to vote for State Assembly.


Sue Spiersch


It was a classic beauty of an Alameda evening at last Friday’s  Concert at the Cove. All the beautiful parents, grandparents, dancing kids and those relatively new to Alameda. Some signed a petition to “Save Crab Cove” that was vaguely worded. The petition used an emotional appeal with misconstrued facts that may have lead you to conclude Crab Cove — the lovely picnic grounds, Visitor Center, exploratory beach and gorgeous open space where we rock out during the summer — will be lost to the Respite Center operated by the Alameda Point Collaborative planned for the property across the street. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. None of it is at risk.The narrative provided by the petition gatherers is false and misleading. Our beautiful cove is here for posterity. I urge you to do the research, starting with the Alameda Sun’s accurate report on the nature of the McKay Avenue property. (“McKay Property’s Aim is to Benefit Homeless,” June 14) The project has nothing to do with Recreation and Parks or the demise of our gorgeous and beloved Crab Cove.

If you’d be interested in removing your name from the petition, you can call City Clerk, Lara Weisiger at 747-4800 or email lweisiger@alamedaca.gov.


Gabrielle “Gaby” Dolphin Co-Chair, Alameda Democratic Club

As a teacher in the Alameda Unified School District, I am excited to see what the committee determines (“Committee Formed to Explore Merging High Schools,” July 12). I am not convinced the district will save money by merging the high schools, and am also not convinced that student outcomes will change all that much. 

I feel that an appropriate amount of money should be budgeted for teacher salaries and essential school services. If there is no other solution, then parcel taxes should go toward the special “extra” programs that the district is offering. If the community doesn’t ratify the parcel taxes, then the special programs close. 

I strongly feel that telling the community that teacher salaries can only be increased by closing schools and canceling special programs is misleading at best.


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