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Editor: For decades, communities, counties, and the state have spent countless hours and money trying to “fix” the homeless (now called unhoused) dilemma. Encampments have been uprooted with people and families temporarily displaced only to return or relocate shortly thereafter.

A common sense and compassionate response (such as seen in Santa Cruz) is the provision of portable a handwashing station, toilet, shower, and garbage receptacles in each safe clearing. While this does not permanently fix the complex problem of physical and mental illness, addiction, poverty, and inadequate resources, providing respectful, hygienic, and cost effective means to care about people and address basic human needs is a meaningful step forward.

— Ann Levy

From the publisher: All of us at the Alameda Sun would like to wish all our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. We want to express our thanks to all our advertisers and generous subscribers.

We want to tip our hat especially to Joe LoParo and Barbara Price who have volunteered all these months to deliver the Sun to all the “drops” all over the Island City and Bay Farm Island.

—Dennis Evanosky, Publisher

Editor: So many times I’ll read a letter to the editor where the writer claims they or their neighbors were not informed of a plan or action by the City. I think the reason is simple. Many Alamedans are not on the City’s notification listserv.

If you want to know about anything the City is working on, take a quick minute and sign up at: https://www.alamedaca.gov/RESIDENTS/Subscribe. It’s the best way to stay informed in Alameda.

Pat Potter