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There used to be a homeless man living under the canopy of trees along Doolittle Drive across from the golf course. I would see him on my way back from my daily visits to Shoreline Park. 
Recently someone decided to trim up the trees along the road. As a result, the homeless man is now even more homeless because his campsite no longer exists. 
I wonder where he lives now?


— Ashley Jones

In your health article (“Doctor Recommends Virus Precautions” March 19), Dr. Robb offers many useful precautions against exposure to COVID-19. However, a couple of his suggestions are not supported by science. His recommendation to use latex or nitrile latex disposable gloves when shopping, etc., is one. 

According to the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, wearing gloves is probably not effective in preventing the spread of the virus because the gloves themselves become contaminated and can rip open. Just simple washing with soap and water would be more effective.  

Similarly, Dr. Robb’s recommendation to use zinc lozenges is misguided. Dr. Robb has no scientific evidence for this claim.  In fact, he admits this himself in a related article in Marin Magazine, March 4, 2020, where he states in reference to zinc lozenges, “... but I have no direct experimental support for this claim. I must add, however, that using zinc lozenges as directed by the manufacturer is no guarantee against being infected by the virus, even if it inhibits the viral replication in the nasopharynx.” This was conveniently left out.   

I think during this pandemic the Alameda Sun should have a responsibility to fact check pieces they publish or put a disclaimer this is the opinion of the author and not the paper (in this case, the byline was “Sun Staff Reports”). You have an ethical responsibility to provide the most accurate scientific information to us, your readers, during this crisis.   



— Paul English

Editor’s note: The Alameda Sun did not fact-check Dr. Robb’s information because we respected his background and expertise. The Sun has the same respect for, and thanks, Dr. English for his comments The byline read “Sun Staff Reports” because we changed Dr. Robb’s story from first to  third person. This was the only change made. 

For a school district that just asked, and seems set to receive, millions more from taxpayers, Alameda Unified’s response to the coronavirus issue is inadequate, and falls far short on equity.

So far that we’ve seen to date, while teachers are handing out assignments online, there is no corresponding instruction. 

Voters appear to have thinly passed Measure A on the value of teachers, yet, just as the final counts are coming in, teacher instruction has fallen away.

Does the district expect that single parents who are working from home due to the shelter-in-place order will be delivering instruction to support the Google classroom assignments?

In-classroom instruction may not return until September, if that. Will the district be evaluating and grading students for this school-year based on assignments with no corresponding teacher instruction?

There is a huge disconnect that the school district isn’t close to closing as yet.


— David Howard