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As a new Alamedan, I applaud the Alameda Sun’s independent journalism in covering politics and other developments of general importance. Keep up the good work! 

I stand with those who believe the firing of the previous City Manager and the $1 million price tag cheerfully added by the City Council constituted gross misfeasance by the perpetrators. Several appear to have had conflicts that should have resulted in recusing themselves, and a better, and less wasteful, outcome would have resulted.

I enjoyed the front-page piece on the new Jack Clark Golf Course on Bay Farm (“City’s New South Golf Course Reviewed,” July 19). The course is beautiful and enjoyable to play. But how can a municipal golf course not have provision for any potable water anywhere on its entire 18 holes? Greenway Golf now sends carts around with free bottles of water, but how long will that last until they charge for it. How thoughtless were the constructors and designers not to have water for the players on site?

Also, when the pro shop is swamped, as it was in the first weeks, callers get rolled over to what are apparently Greenway’s offices in Minnesota. The operators there have neither the authority, the skill nor the ability to do anything at all except transfer the call to the restaurant. The restaurant’s staff have no idea why they are receiving the call and just hang up. Some wrinkles to be ironed out, as golfers would surely agree!


J. Michael Parish


A recent letter’s title (“Stop being so ignorant about climate change,” July 19) is an apt response to its own remarks. The author’s comment, “Like all information; garbage in-garbage out” also applies to his letter. The author’s answer to the research conclusions of the vast majority of climate scientists? Simply that “scientists lie.” Apparently, this gives him free rein to argue his points without a shred of scientific knowledge.

The letter suggests that ocean levels operate just like the water in a swimming pool; hence, we have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the ocean is a more complex body of water than a swimming pool. In reality, the ocean surface is quite irregular, with winds, currents and other factors leading to considerable variations in sea level from place to place. 

Scientific reports indicate that the global average sea level has risen seven to eight inches since 1900, and about three inches in just the past 15 years. Heavy rainfalls are increasing in intensity and frequency, adding to the potential for flooding. An example? During Hurricane Sandy, the combination of rainfall, winds and high tide led to flooding from the bay near my family’s Brooklyn home; waters crested at about four-and-a-half feet above the sidewalk. 

The letter’s author would prefer to live his life as if we weren’t on the cusp of significant environmental change. Even if increases in carbon emissions and global warming are halted, sea levels will continue to rise for some time. Houston, New York, Miami, Boston, New Orleans and San Francisco are just a few of the localities planning for this difficult future. Environmental events set in motion have no quick remedies, but ignoring the challenges will give future generations a far less habitable planet. 


Jay Paul

My neighbors and I recently  asked Alameda Police Department (APD) to dispatch a sweep and provide heightened police presence and more neighborhood drivethroughs. We still have what the police describe as a violent felon squatting on our street. We were told APD at any given time, night or day; has only one officer assigned to Bay Farm Island.

That means, according to APD; at most, all we have is one officer on duty. One officer patrols during the day and is relived by one officer who patrols at night. The exact officer assigned can vary even though Bay Farm is supposed to have a dedicated daytime officer.

How is it possible for one officer at any given time, female or male; to patrol and be responsible for a land mass as large as Bay Farm Island?

Rather than pay off our former City Manager in whatever deal-making occurred therein, can we please spend more on our worthy police department who need the resources to try to protect everyone.

Mike Lano