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— Carla Thornton

The letter to the editor (“Pity for the Trump voters, Nov. 19) written by Mike Parish titled “Pity for the Trump Voters” was written by a guy who is himself most to be pitied. I don’t know Parish, but I guess he lives on a street not unlike the street upon which my house is built.

Some neighbors of mine who voted for Donald Trump for president don’t come close to fitting the description of people portrayed by Parish.

They are good people, good friends, with children and grand children who would please any mother and father and who are a delight in the neighborhood.

Such people are without number all across America and, oh, my goodness, they did not vote for the candidate of my choice.

Does that make them inferior in some of the ways implied by Parish? That is too cruel to even suggest.

Very likely, folks whose vote differed from mine are my superiors in ways I’m embarrassed to contemplate and if my guess is correct many if not most Trump voters have qualities Mr. Parish ought to try to emulate.

President-Elect, Joe Biden, has stated emphatically that he will be president to and for all Americans and that is a claim to be celebrated.

It is a claim, however, that will be unattainable without the cooperation and commitment of each American who will refuse to diminish or denigrate someone simply on the basis of his or her vote.

Parish’s characterization of Trump voters as “lower echelon” and “living crummy lives” carries the same painful image as portrayed in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.”
Such language has no place in the beauty of America.

— Steven Garner

Crossing The River
An old sole
Wraps around me with a nod Salt over my shoulder to the past
It lays on me
in breathless whispers
It’s okay
All’s well

Not to fear as I listen close
You’ve prepared
it’s been in your corner
as a spider nests
a demise
closing argument
no rhetoric
just a breath of silence
a gun goes off
smoke smothers a room cessation soon
I can’t breathe
as he lies on the ground
with closure of air
presses on his neck
I can’t breathe
as the victims of Covid
lie still
as death closes in its will
I can’t breathe
as the thick smoke
hovers and spreads like Covid on dry fields
as a mighty force exudes
All cry their last words
I can’t breathe ,,
I can’t...

Suzanne Hitomi