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Some people like Gaby Dolphin just won’t give it up! I’m referring to her proposal for something like a Mueller report for Dummies to be serialized in the Alameda Sun (“Mueller Report Needs Translating,” June 13). This obsession is a bit much, and is preventing our country from dealing with crucial matters, like fixing an economy that has serious problems and negotiating critical arms control with the Russians.

I also think we should reflect on the fact, before we go charging further down the road toward confrontation with a nuclear power, that the U.S. has made a practice of major interference in other countries’ elections for decades, countries such as Ukraine, Italy, Chile and the Phillippines, which even the Washington Post and other press have asserted.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey admitted in a Fox TV interview in 2018 that the U.S. does intervene in elections, “but only for a very good cause, in the interests of democracy.” 

And what about Russia? The U.S. massively intervened to promote the reelection of Boris Yeltsin in 1996, while U.S. hedge funds were making a killing off the economic free-for-all going on there. One reason there is so much hatred of Vladimir Putin today in the West is because he began the process of reining in the oligarchs tied to the Western financier parasites.

So, I say we should get off the high horse and pursue a policy of talking with the Russians. Even if you don’t like Donald Trump, it’s critical to talk. It’s also better if the President doesn’t have to try to look tough to appease the people back home.


Hunter Cobb

I am one of those voters in the City of Alameda who have remained silent in the controversy over the involvement of City Councilmembers Jim Oddie and Malia Vella. But now in a brazen act of adding insult to the injury they caused to the city, they are claiming reimbursement of their legal fees.  

The operative words in the conclusion of the grand jury are “inappropriate interference in the selection of the city’s fire department chief” by these two members of the Council causing lasting damage to the city consisting of a $946,000 payment to former City Manager Jill Keimach and the inability of the other members of the then-Council and Mayor to prevent this anomaly from happenning.

I urge the members of the silent majority of this city to tell this city’s other members of the Council and the Mayor and Vice-Mayor to express our outrage by saying to these two, “Enough is enough!”


Jess Mabagos

For the 16th year I enjoyed the wonderful community we call Alameda as seen in the many organizations that participated in our July Fourth parade. It is a joy to see kids, horses, our local military, seniors, veterans, volunteers and so much more — even including my granddaughter! 

It is a celebration of that one thing we all hold dear — the love of our country, regardless of age, gender, religion, country of origin or political persuasion. So it was with dismay that near the end of the parade we were blasted with a “pro-Bernie Sanders, vote Bernie Sanders, yay Bernie Sanders” contingent.

I love our parade because it is so non-political. I felt the presence of a partisan political group pushing their candidate spoiled the beauty of the of the day. I would strongly urge the parade planners to reject partisan politics from any future parades. 

And, by the way, I would have been just as offended if they were advocating for Donald Trump or any other politician running for office. This is a non-partisan editorial observation!


Janet Beatty

Editor’s note: We find it surprising that the writer considers Alameda’s July Fourth Parade non-political. Sun staff can remember actively campaigning candidates marching as recently as the 2018 parade. Previous parades (and this year’s parade) have included political statements on fair housing, guns, equal rights and more.