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It’s cold outside, the Mueller Report has not been completed, so what America (or at least Alameda) needs is a cute poem.

The Queen of 1344 Park St. 
The world was saved last night,
By a tiny evangelical. 
Frocked in a short gold jacket,
A teenager with dark eyes and hair,
Sat in a chair.
On her lap she held a mammoth…book.
Inches thick,
Its clear cover evidence of origin — The Library,
No doubt pulled from the shelf,
Like Arthur his sword. 
Cross legged,
Our queen reader turned page after page,
And with each flip destroyed the enemies:
Bam! Away, ignorance.
Zapp! Begone, enemies of 
Boom! Cease, those scornful of youth!
Clang! Open, closed minds! 
Blap! Enough ye doomsayers!
And from each wall,
The stories looked on,
And hopeful,
That soon her acolytes,
Would mimic their regal leader,
And take them home to be equally adored. 


Gene Kahane


Linda Robertson implores you to vote for Measure B to “save” our parks (“Save our parks,” Feb. 7). What she failed to disclose is that voting for Measure B does nothing of the sort. The property currently under discussion is a series of abandoned buildings that will be put to good use if voters say “yes” on Measure A.

It’s disappointing that community members need to resort to outright deception to convince Alamedans to vote for their ill-advised and expensive ballot initiative.

Measure A will provide much-needed services for the most-vulnerable members of our community. Please vote “yes” on Measure A and “no” on Measure B to show how much Alameda cares as a community.


Lauren Do


Alameda owes half a billion dollars in unfunded pension and other costs. Voters passed Measure F to raise $5 million to cover that deficit for five years only. Now I think our Council wants to add unfunded costs of taking care of the hardcore homeless likely transferred from medical facilities in San Francisco, Oakland and the region. 

They called a special election at a cost of $720,000 — more for the anticipated two mailers — to open a regional homeless shelter where Crown Beach and Crab Cove were to be expanded. I think this was to defeat the citizen’s initiative to add the land to the parks. This $40 to 50 million regional homeless medical facility will become a respite for homeless that any hospital wants to send here.

Hospitals get paid 15 days hospital rate, thousands of dollars, for homeless, and can save money when the homeless are no longer acute by sending them to the wellness center for $100 a day. Keeping the 50 beds for convalescing homeless supplied with new homeless every 10 days or so, I think will mean dumping the 50 homeless every 10 days. That does not cover even half of the $8.3 million annual operating costs. 

Once it is in, the homeless shelter can do anything it wants under the zoning. It needs no permits. If needed to pay the bills, I think it could add hundreds more beds for all the homeless in the state.
Instead, let’s put the money into seismically retrofitting Alameda Hospital, which must be fixed or torn down by 2030, and put the wellness center there. 

Save Alameda money. Care about Alameda Hospital and all Alamedans — do not bankrupt our city.


Barbara Thomas former Vice-Mayor, Councilmember