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Enough is enough! I’ve received three mailers from the Yes on K campaign — funded by huge real estate investors — and each and every one is full of lies. Let me list them, clearly, for every homeowner, like me, who has been targeted by slick, co-opted messaging.

Measure K does not protect rent control in Alameda because there is no rent control in Alameda. The current ordinance includes a trigger when a renter gets a 5 percent rent increase that allows an appeal to the Rent Review Advisory Committee. That trigger is in no way a cap. Many tenants don’t even know about this trigger. This includes my neighbors who just received a 60 percent increase and decided to move off the Island, which leads to the next lie.

Measure K does not limit evictions. The intent is not to protect renters but to lock in no-cause evictions allowing landlords like the real estate mogul who bought 470 Central Ave. to effectively evict every single tenant for building rehabilitation. No consequences impact real estate investors who triple the rents on buildings, while our community loses families who have called Alameda home for many years.

Measure K is also an attack on the City Council for establishing just-cause evictions for landlord protections, such as nonpayment of rent and criminal activity, but not allowing no-cause evictions which eliminate a tenant’s right to due process no matter how responsible they have been.

The only true statement in this mailer is that the City Charter will lock in the current ordinance. This current ordinance contains flaws for renters and landlords. Our power as voters to make changes by working with our elected City Council will be taken over by a greedy, real estate industry that has bought apartments like the 615-unit Summer House all over the Island.

They will effectively decide the fate of our fellow Alamedans and we can’t let that happen. On Nov. 6, Vote “no” on K.


Jeanne Nader


To our valued tenants:
In the next few days, Cornelia and I will be placing a “Yes on K” sign on the front of the building we share. “Yes on K” is a ballot measure that supports our existing Rent Stabilization Ordinance 3148 (aka Measure L1). Voting “yes” on Measure K will protect Alameda’s current rent control ordinance by placing it in the City Charter, where only a vote by the people — not politicians — can make changes.

For us, the past 24 months have been a “see-saw” of emotions because we (as property owners) have been vilified by certain members of our City Council and tenant-activist groups as greedy, low-life, blood-sucking individuals, out for only profit and without empathy. Suffice to say, we are growing weary of the litany.  

Our goal has always been to provide a clean, safe and well-maintained building for you, our valued tenants, to live in. We have been transparent and fair in all our dealings, always thinking of everyone’s best interests before we make decisions, changes etc.

Providing housing is something we have enjoyed for more than 30 years, but we are becoming so disheartened with the current climate at City Hall. The “mom-and-pop” property owner is being targeted and laden with government bureaucracy, interference and fees which only continue to increase our operating costs.   

Cornelia and I want to continue to provide housing, but we are extremely frustrated with the ever-changing rules, regulations and increased bureaucratic costs imposed by our City Council.

With the above said, supporting the “Yes on K” ballot measure is crucial to Cornelia and I in our effort to provide housing. Without a reliable, stable and fair rent ordinance in place, our continued presence as housing providers will surely end.


Eric & Cornelia Grunseth

Fear is what unites us in the Divided States of Alameda. Tenants fear that they’ll be displaced out of their beloved communities and onto the streets. Landlords and some homeowners fear that they will lose control of their properties and lose out on money-making opportunities. 

Measure K is another fight in this war between classes; the real estate interests that sponsored the measure and the tenants hanging on in the worst housing shortage that California has ever seen.  

We do not need Measure K in our City Charter. That would prevent our elected officials from making simple changes to Ordinance 3148 that could benefit tenants, homeowners and landlords alike. Even the League of Women Voters opposes Measure K because it doesn’t meet their standards of good governance. 

Alameda is at its best when we take care of one another and fight for one another. Landlords and tenants were able to collaborate to make Ordinance 3148 happen. Let’s vote “no” on K and encourage landlords and tenants to collaborate again in a city-sponsored process. This is a better way. Vote “no” on Measure K. 


Angela P Hockabout