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Alameda’s need for community support continues during these trying times. Alameda Kiwanians recognize that some need is even greater now. The Kiwanis Club of Alameda pledges its service to Alameda in all times. In 2020, some changes are necessary to guarantee the safety of our population from COVID-19.

Kiwanians join the Alameda Boy Scouts in their food drive, “Scouting for Food” Nov. 7 to 15 through direct donations to the Alameda Food Bank, with credit given by noting “Scouting for Food” in the memo line of the check, mailed to the Alameda Food Bank, P.O. Box 2167, Alameda, CA 94501.

Christ Episcopal Church has organized its Thanksgiving Dinner for 40 years. Kiwanis joins other community service groups in donating food items, preparing 450 dinners for distribution and delivering these meals to those in need. All information and enrollment can be found at the following website: www.signupgenius.com/go/90405aabaa2ea57-test
We are grateful for these local programs.

— Patricia Bowen Kiwanis Club of Alameda

The “respected” news media now speaks of “President-elect Biden” and says claims of voter fraud in the recent election are “baseless.” We have been psychologically conditioned for months with the line that vote fraud is rare and of little impact. Is that really true?

There is ample evidence that fraudulent votes swung the elections in 1960 for Kennedy and 1976 for Carter, but in both cases, the challengers were persuaded not to fight “for the sake of national unity.” In today’s case, President Trump is fighting.

Already we have the evidence of such things as the voting software in Antrim County, Mich., which switched 6,000 Trump votes to Biden. This was caught by an alert clerk who demanded a hand count. The same Dominion software was used in 48 other counties in Michigan and in 30 other states.

Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell says there were hundreds of thousands of ballots with only Biden’s name on them, and that postal workers were pressured to backdate mail-in ballots. Lawsuits over these and other matters are being filed in courts around the country.

Why were Trump poll watchers systematically kept from observing the vote counting in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin? What reason other than to hide some untoward activity?

Whether you like Trump or hate him, what is at stake is bigger than who wins. If Americans can’t trust their elections, what kind of nation have we become?

Hunter Cobb

It Never Did

The South can’t rise again – it never fell.
It never gave the black folks back the things
It took away, things lost, like dignity,
Security, and freedom just to be.

The South had stolen all they ever had
By simply never granting it to them,
And then enslaving their own white kids’ minds
That what they’d done they had the right to do.

They felt they had the right to never tell
The awful deeds they did to everyone
And cooked the history books to hide it all,
Pretending that they’d lost and given up,
But quietly rebuilding all they’d lost,
Restricting access every way they could
To folks who didn’t look like they did: white.

By flying flags and waving guns, they built
Their horrid practices to make them laws
For schools and restaurants and toilets, too,
To separate their equal attitudes.

The South thus never fell but simply hid
Until it found its new white champion.

Lenhardt 2020

Arthur Lenhardt