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Recalculate we navigate
Away from those unknown 
We stay with family 
and with those 
Who share our lives and homes keeping distance on the street
Six feet from passersby
And washing hands quite often 
To keep germs from our eyes
These rules are not forever
For guidance we rely 
On experts of pandemics
Til epidemic dies


— Susan Foreman

Everyone is suspect
So neighbors wave
Friends text
And relatives do the same
Wary of contagion
We give space on walks
Give a nod in appreciation
Scorn for those who do otherwise
Parks once sanctuaries of play
Now we avoid
When seeing crowds
Deprived of nature’s gifts
Now we must find escape
With inward meditation
Or creative pursuits
Books may also fill the void
And drugs my dull the mind
But forsake not
The one true bond
We share —
Our humanity


— Alana Luchtman

Dear readers, we are truly honored by the outpouring of support we’ve received from the readers of the Alameda Sun. Since Jan. 1, Alamedans have delivered $10,000 in contributions to help offset the paper’s losses during the pandemic. It feels a little like the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life

Our plan is to mail the paper to every address in town with the list of the Class of 2020 graduates sometime in June.

— Eric J. Kos, Publisher