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Bike Riders should be licensed!

I have been walking every day since the “lockdown”. During that time hundreds of bicycle riders have passed me on the trails. Not one (repeat: not one!) of the riders has called out “passing on the Left” or rang a bell or any other type of warning. The bikers should realize that we cannot hear them coming up behind us so we not know of their existence. Alameda has signs posted all over the trails about “calling out” but no seems to read them (or they can’t read). Maybe only the only solution is to have them pass a bike rider test about safety, rules of the road and common sense.
Ray Huntley

Ray Huntley

Here’s what I think:
The current COVID-19 crisis has its root in the spring of 2018 when “Resident Rump” cut the budget of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) whose job it is to prevent global disease outbreak. The CDC China disbanded the Global Health Security pandemic response team in China, choosing to rely on the World Health Organization, a branch of the United Nations.

In May 2018 Tom Bossert, who had called for a comprehensive defense strategy against pandemic and biological attack, was removed from office. That same month, Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer left his position as the head of the Global Health Security team of the National Security Council amid reorganization by John Bolton.

From then on they simply farmed out the National Security of the biggest country in the world to some foreigner.

So far 29,000 Americans have died for his wall. If only Resident Rump had kept funding for the CDC, and the security team left in place by President Obama, we would not be in this situation.

Rump said he would suspend payment to the WHO. Well, too late, you already mailed the check in January for the amount of $58,882,460, not $500 million, yet another embellishment.

As far as the relief checks, they are being delayed, as Rump has requested to have his signature and name on them as propaganda.

Please make a donation to the Democratic Party today. This farce has to stop.

— Joel Rambaud

While you’re staying at home this spring to save your family’s health, save some money too by letting the sun and fresh air dry your laundry. All you need for a solar clothes dryer is access to the outdoors and a balcony railing or a rope. Clothespins are available at local hardware stores, which are staying open as essential businesses.

If your schedule is more flexible these days, you can plan your washdays by the weather forecast. And if the fog doesn’t burn off as predicted and your laundry doesn’t quite dry, you can give your clothes and bedding a short spin in the dryer at the end of the day and still save money.

Children who are unexpectedly homeschooled can learn a lesson in home economics by helping to hang and retrieve their family’s freshly dried laundry. They’ll also be doing good for their own futures and helping wildlife habitats by using fresh solar energy instead of fossil fuel.

Join me in harnessing the power of the beautiful Alameda sun!


— Betsy Mathieson