Letters to the Editor

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We at Immanuel Lutheran Church wish to thank the many generous donors who helped make our 29th annual Oktoberfest a big success. Special thanks go to Alameda Island Brewing Company, Rock Wall Winery, Drake’s Brewing Company and Dan’s Fresh Produce for donating libations and produce for the event.  

We are grateful to Marti’s Place, Peet’s Coffee, Encinal Nursery, Speisekammer Restaurant and many other donors who contributed items for our silent auction.  Thanks to Excel Graphics for printing services. Finally, a shout-out to the most excellent Alameda Sun, which helps us publicize our events throughout the year.  

The proceeds from Oktoberfest help support a number of community outreach activities, such as Dine and Connect, the monthly dinner for the unhoused and food-challenged in Alameda; providing meeting spaces on an ongoing basis for the Boy Scouts, Alameda Women Artists, Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings and other non-profit community groups.  

Immanuel Lutheran provides support for the Alameda Food Bank; the Relay for Life Cancer Walk, Central American Refugee Committee and many other service activities which benefit Alamedans. Son-Light Preschool of Immanuel Lutheran Church provides a low-cost, high-quality preschool and child-care program for kids ages 2 to 5.

In addition, this year’s Oktoberfest was the start of fundraising toward rehabilitating our historic 1890 church building. Sun readers are welcome to join us at 10 a.m. for Sunday service at 1420 Lafayette St. Watch for our Holiday Boutique on Nov. 16.


Elizabeth Greene, Immanuel Lutheran Church

I think that more people should hang their laundry instead of using a dryer. Although dryers save time, there are some negatives to them. They produce static and sometimes shrink the clothes. Not to mention dryers burn gas, which costs money and contributes to global warming.

Hanging up your laundry is a better option. There are many benefits, both economic and personal. In addition to eliminating the inconveniences mentioned above, hanging laundry is great for you! A simple task such as this gives you time to think and appreciate the outdoors, both of which are great for your mind. 

Laundry hung on a line often smells better than that dried in a dryer. Spending time hanging and taking down laundry outside also allows your body exposure to sunshine, which is important for overall health. 

Even if you don’t have room for laundry lines, consider getting a rack or even just draping wet sheets over patio chairs. Anything makes a difference.


Madeleine Canavese, age 13

I came across a scary car accident involving a child a few days ago. He was hit on his way to elementary school, a few hundred feet from the front gate. I sat with him in the road for a while. Someone called his mother and an ambulance. 

There have been five accidents involving children going to and from school in Alameda since the start of the school year in late August. Fortunately, the child in this accident didn’t have any permanent physical damage but statistically, this trend will end in tragedy. 

Slowing down may seem like an inconvenience when rushing to work, but beyond accident prevention, it saves lives. Pedestrian deaths double every 5 miles per hour you add to a car’s speed in an accident. Our island is known for its 25-mile-an-hour slow life, but for school zones during school hours, this doesn’t cut it. 

Traffic experts now say 20 miles-per-hour is the best speed for school zones and we should demand the same for our children. In August, Sacramento’s City Council put children and pedestrians first and voted to make the school-zone speed limit 15 miles-per-hour. 

I’m not going to argue a new school speed limit won’t be without its compromises: the cost of adding new signs, of enforcement, of adding a minute or two to your morning drive. But that’s really all it is, a minute or two. Weigh this against helping pedestrians feel safe, in encouraging biking and walking (which ultimately will help car drivers) and, most importantly, in saving the lives of our neighbors and friends.


Grant Burningham