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Let me start by saying I am nothing more than a concerned resident of Alameda. I have no economic stake here, I am neither a tenant nor a landlord.

The City Council’s recent attempt at setting rent policy seems to me about picking winners and losers and unfortunately I can’t find a winner. What I do know is that an unintended consequence of the proposed policies is that a new group of losers has been added.  

These are the many retirees that have started businesses or built careers and raised families in Alameda. These are hard-working people who missed out on vacations and fancy cars in order to build a nest egg, invest in Alameda and purchase an income property to generate income in their later years. They could have invested in 401ks, or IRAs or other traditional instruments, yet they chose to invest here in our community. They chose to provide clean and safe homes for residents. 

In my opinion, the Council is attempting to severely cap their ability to generate income in retirement and penalize them for being the very kind of community members that we want in our city. In retrospect, they should have invested in the stock market — anything but provide housing for community members in Alameda. 

The winners are those who chose to invest elsewhere. The losers are the local retirees providing wonderful homes in Alameda. The proposed rent control will certainly prevent current generations of workers from investing in Alameda like their parents and further constrain the quantity and quality of rental properties that remain on the market. That would be sad for all in the end.


Ken Gonzalez

Many thanks to those individuals and groups who have contributed to the Midway Shelter for abused women and their children.   A number of the listed donors contributed several times in May.

The women and children of Midway Shelter thank Gaby Dolphin & Alan Pryor, the Pipkin-McGrath family, Virginia Krutilek, Christine Buck, First Congregational Church, and Mary Buck for their generous donations. 

Karen Hassett also donated in May, along with: Judy Hom & Winston Fong, Alice Lewis, Jessica Kennedy, David Mercado, Craig & Cynthia Stewart and Barbara Anderson. Our thanks also go out to donors: Jay Dawson Tomorr Haxhimali, Noel & Cathy Folsom, Ursula & Ulricihc Greczmiel, Elaine Kofman, Beverly Moore, Gloria & John Nolan, Paula Patillo-Dupree and Joanne Robinson. 

Camilla Whyte & Kathy Clark opened their hearts to make a donation as did: Marian Williams, Kathy & Glenn Henderson, Hewitt, Jacqueline MacMillan, Honora Murphy, Ross & Nancy Peterson, Emily Shea, Anne Yee and the Office of Supervisor Wilma Chan. We also couldn’t have done without Modesto Jimenez, Troy Windsor, Thomas & Luzanne Engh, Lois Pryor and June & Jerry Kerschman.

Two donors chose to remain anonymous.

To see your name among the June donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda 94501. For more information call 357-0205, Ext. 206 or visit www.midwayshelter.org.


Ginny Krutilek

One Vet One Voice is an organization that assists veterans by providing resources and services for health care, housing, employment and education. As a veteran, founder and CEO of One Vet One Voice, I am proud to be in a position where I can help my brothers and sisters transition back to life as civilians.

And although this transition can be difficult, it is made far easier when employers make a commitment to hiring veterans. It demonstrates their level of appreciation for our men and women in uniform as well as their understanding of what a transition to civilian life entails.

T-Mobile is one company that stands out. Not only do they have a goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and military family members over five years, but also have been recognized as a top military-friendly employer for their guaranteed pay plan, benefits for leave, training and deployment.

That’s why I am fully supportive of T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint. Their plans to deploy a fast 5G network will encourage innovation and lead to new employment opportunities for veterans and their families. T-Mobile has already stated that upon completion of the merger, they will be adding 1,000 new jobs at a customer call center in Kingsburg, Calif.

This merger is good for California, and T-Mobile has been a strong supporter of veterans and military families. I believe this is a merger we should all get behind.


Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez