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I’m a senior at Alameda High, and I am submitting my support for Board of Education candidate Anne McKereghan. 

I met Anne during my junior year when I was preparing for “Small Town, Big Voices,” an event at my school that brought speakers from different backgrounds together to garner understanding. I reached out to the school board members, asking them for advice about the event. Anne was one of the first to respond and was incredibly helpful throughout the process. 

Anne genuinely cares about Alameda students. During the process of planning the event, she introduced me to a wonderful speaker, Kymberly Miller, who was a fantastic addition to the event and invited me to come spread the word about the event at a school board meeting.

The help Anne gave me was not just a one-time thing. She consistently checked in on me and the progress of the event, acting as a sounding board for me when I had some ideas. When the day of the event arrived, she came to support me. 

Unlike some other authority figures, Anne never felt distant. She was and is always one text away and finds time in her schedule to support me in whatever projects I take on. She takes time to connect with students; something I haven’t experienced all that much with other school authorities.  

Anne always goes above and beyond to support grassroots efforts that support our schools and our students. Please vote for Anne McKereghan on Nov. 6 for a seat on the Alameda Unified School District’s Board of Education. 


Jacqueline Mitchell

I have been an Alameda resident for seven years and am writing to the Alameda Sun for the first time. I am deeply concerned after encountering a man outside the Alameda Marketplace who was soliciting signatures for two ballot measures: one to change the cash bail law and one to “protect Alameda children at Crab Cove.” 

I asked him to explain further regarding Crab Cove. He proceeded to expalin that “they are planning on building two drug-treatment centers there for homeless people.” I challenged him on this, as the very paperwork he presented said nothing about drug-treatment centers, and I know that is not the actual proposal. 

I have advocated for and worked with homeless people for a long time and don’t appreciate the flat-out lie that this gentleman is spreading to Alameda residents about proposed land use at Crab Cove. I know this is a contentious issue, but we need to base our arguments and opinions on facts rather than lies, assumptions, stigma and fear. I explained to this gentleman that homeless people are statistically much more likely to be victims of crimes than perpetrators. His response? He warned me that Alameda children will be exposed to dirty needles if this project moves forward. 

I was outraged by this encounter. For anyone interested in facts, I urge you to find out more at www.alamedaca.gov/mckayfaq. Let’s all take a deep breath, do a little research and stand up to dishonesty. 


Abby Wolf

I have no personal stake in Measure K. I am neither a landlord nor am I a tenant and I have never been evicted from a residence. Yet, I am a concerned citizen, and as such, I think that the passage of Measure K would be bad for Alameda. 

K is meant to make rent law part of the City Charter. Therefore, it would be very costly and difficult to change in the future. This takes the opportunity to be flexible and to address changing needs in the future away from the community. We just recently voted in a rent law. Things are changing fast in the Bay Area and the last thing that we need to hamper our ability to change with it. I believe the ones who benefit the most from K are large landlords, most of whom do not live here.

K would also protect landlords from no-fault evictions. I think that landlords should be able to get rid of troublesome tenants but with cause. Kicking folks out so that the building can be upgraded and turned into housing for the affluent is unfair and will lead to a community with no diversity. Is this the kind of Charter we want for Alameda? I think not!


Jenny Miller