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The Alameda Unified School District-backed bond measure, Measure B, is on the June 2022 ballot. Bond funds will be used to upgrade classrooms, labs, technology, college/career training facilities; improve accessibility, earthquake safety, school security, water quality/plumbing systems; including middle and high school athletic facilities.

Homeowners will pay an average of $45 per $100,000 of assessed value annually for 10 years.

Measure B contains strong accountability provisions plus a report from an independent auditor on finances and expenditures.

The League of Women Voters of Alameda urges a qualified YES vote on Measure B (a 55 percent supermajority vote is required for the approval of Measure B). While the State is responsible for K-12 education their support covers only 58% of the cost. The State should step up to their responsibility. Nonetheless, due to the importance and urgency of improved learning and teaching spaces, we urge a Yes vote on Measure B.

The League believes that all children deserve a safe school environment with clean, healthy facilities in good repair. While bond financing is an inefficient method, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The election is on June 7.

— Anne McKereghan, President, League of Women Voters of Alameda

Pro Choice, Pre Conception

My sister, Carolee, and I
Were out of wedlock born.
Our older sister, Jeanne, was not.
But none of us did scorn
Our mother for the way she led
Her twenties' flapper life
And then, when on the edge of war,
A struggling, working wife.
She later taught in several schools,
She paid some foster care.
We all went on to useful lives
And each of us would share
How we had thrived, in spite of all
The challenges we met,
So thankful for the fact we're here,
Knowing this, and yet,
We younger two are grateful that,
Through all the good and bad,
Our Mom decided we would be
Abortions that she never had.

Arthur Lenhardt, 2022

Arthur Lenhardt

The days of censorship are here. There’s no getting around it. If your views veer too much from the establishment line, “Off with his face (or tweet).”

Even the Alameda Sun is not immune from this disease. The Sun has carried a certain banner of freedom of expression in its letters page way beyond what you see in publications like the East Bay Times or the SF Chronicle, which only give space to sycophants of the established order. For this, Alamedans can be grateful. But there seem to be critical limits to this, like criticizing U.S. involvement with Ukraine, which I did in a recent letter, that was not accepted. This is unfortunate because we are slipping down a dangerous path and differing views should be heard before it’s too late.

— Hunter Cobb

Editor’s note: Two weeks ago Hunter Cobb wrote a letter to the editor about the U.S. involvement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. The Alameda Sun decided not to publish it because it included a statement from a weapons expert about the Bucha massacre where, according to reports, numerous Ukrainian civilians were brutally murdered by Russian soldiers. The statement read, “It’s much more likely it was done by the Ukrainian security forces after the Russians left!” The Sun deemed the statement too controversial to publish without any proof. This message was conveyed to Mr. Cobb. The Alameda Sun welcomes differing opinions in its public opinion section. However, we have the right to not publish a piece if it includes statements that can be considered insulting or too controversial without any proof.