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Mayor Ashcraft and City Councilmembers:
This email is to affirm my full support of the City of Alameda entering into a lease agreement for Carnegie Innovation Hall. The Carnegie Library building has sat neglected since 1998. Time is long overdue to restore the building.

This agreement would benefit the city both economically and culturally by combining technology, theater, arts and innovation in a venue where our community can learn, design and grow.

After months of negotiating a lease agreement, and with no other apparent offers available to the city for restoring this historic monument, I ask Council to do the right thing. The city must swiftly move a lease agreement forward. This will allow the nonprofit Carnegie Innovation Hall to appropriately secure funds and invest private money in renovating the library.

Amos White, Community Advisory Board Chair Carnegie Innovation Hall

You never know how much you appreciate somthing until it is gone! One week of missed delivery to our two-unit building and I was bereft. 

Thank you for your excellent paper, support of young journalists, a truly challenging sudoku and crossword and for your sense of humor. 


Elizabeth Carrie Sheret

During October property owners in the City of Alameda will receive a mail ballot to vote on the 2019 Water Quality and Flood Protection Fee. The fee would be used to repair and maintain critical pump stations, levees, pipes and lagoons, remove trash and pollutants from urban runoff and invest in a storm drainage infrastructure. 

Additionally, it would assist the city in meeting the requirements of the State Regional Water Control Quality Board for trash capture, pollution control and green infrastructure.

The city is asking property owners to increase the current fee from approximately $56 per year for residential properties to $134 per year with a possible 3 percent inflation increases per year. The fee has no sunset and the money collected is placed into a separate account to be used only for this purpose.

The league supports this fee based upon its policies on Clean Water and Climate Change. This fee would assist in capturing debris in stormwater runoff, helping to maintain the quality of the Bay water and help to protect the streets and properties from flooding.

While the League of Women Voters supports the Flood Protection Fee, we would have preferred to use a parcel tax to raise revenue, which requires a two-thirds threshold to win and would have allowed all registered voters, not just property owners, the opportunity to cast a vote.

Despite our reservations on the voting method implemented, we urge property owners to vote “yes” on the 2019 Water Quality and Flood Protection Fee.


Susan Hauser & Karen Butter, League of Women Voters of Alameda