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While Democrats vote in the presidential primary on March 3 they also have the opportunity to shape the direction of the Democratic Party at the grassroots level. The ballot lists 28 people vying for 11 positions in the Central Committee — a powerful group which controls endorsements and party funding for the next four years. 

The current membership of this committee is, in my opinion, not at all representative of the constituency living in the area. Geographically, Alameda (with zero elected members) and Oakland are underrepresented (while San Leandro is overrepresented). 

Ethnically, the committee does not come close to representing the makeup of the local area. This far down on the ballot there is very little public awareness, so I encourage Democratic voters to learn a bit about this organization and the candidates running! 

Alameda’s own disability-rights activist Austin Tam is running to represent the party as part of “People-Powered Progressives” — PeoplePoweredProgressives.com — along with a diverse slate of 10 other community activists looking to make the local Democratic Party more responsive to its constituents. The committee is in need of a change of direction. 

In the 2018 elections, the Central Committee — largely consisting of decades-long incumbents — generally endorsed the least-progressive candidates for local and state offices, and tried to silence progressive voices on important issues. The Central Committee is supposed to represent the grassroots, and act as a gatekeeper for all of the politicians in the area who want to represent us. 

But over the years, that has turned upside down, and now the committee seems to exist to support and defend the politicians currently in power, against the interests of the people it should represent. Please vote for Austin Tam and the entire group of 11 “People-Powered Progressives” listed on the website mentioned above. 

If you are registered as “No Party Preference” and wish to cast a ballot for the Central Committee members, and the U.S. President, please re-register to vote using RegisterToVote.ca.gov before Tuesday, Feb. 18. 


Dan Wood

My name is Amelia, I am a sixth grader going to the Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC). Our sixth-grade class is setting up a fundraiser for the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) cats and dogs. We would love it if people in town could help us out and donate. 

We are accepting dog toys, cat and dog treats, cat and dog food, leashes, pet beds, etc. and money so we can buy more. Please drop items off in the ACLC office at 1900 Third St. The deadline for the drive is tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 17. Or, donate directly to FAAS at the main shelter, 1590 Fortmann Way or the South Shore location, 2228 South Shore Center, until Sunday, Jan. 19.


Amelia Forder and the ACLC sixth-grade class

The year in review article (“2019: Year in Review,” Jan. 2) leaves the wrong impression on the proposed South Shore Shopping Center development. While it is technically true that Jamestown properties announced their plans to remake the property, it is not an approved plan. 

This and other Alameda Sun articles leave the impression that this is a done deal. It is not. No plans have been approved and I believe none yet submitted. I would like to ask the Sun to be clear in its articles about this proposal. And to my neighbors: let’s organize against this insane plan. 

Kathleen Sullivan

Editor’s note: Every article published on the topic mentioned that the plans had several more hurdles to clear before execution. How readers chose to interpret those articles is another story entirely.