New Rules for Men

So, it appears, we have arrived due to the "Brent Kavanaugh" affair to an inevitable and ultimate apotheosis of "#MeToo; to which the vilification of men. Now, it seems; one accusation alone, no matter how unsubstantiated or uncorroborated, is enough to ruin a man's reputation, his career, nullify his accomplishments and his opportunities ...For Life!
This is apparently the new standard, set and accepted, by roughly half of the country. We have initiated something new and dangerous. In light of this new reality, vis-a-vis the opposite sex, here is what we may have betrothed; New Rules for Men are required.
Note: At no point during this discourse is it intended to "justify" any sexual assault or abuse of Women!
Male employer's must now be very cautious in hiring Women. Since accusations against "Men" require no proof nor is any presumption of innocence granted; why on earth would any Man interact with a Woman in a professional setting? However, if he must do so, (1) He should do so as little as possible and always with a third or fourth party present, (2) Never should a Man be alone with a female co-worker, (3) No 'written' communication with a Woman co-worker should ever occur without the presence of a supervisor and, at least, one other male co-worker. Copies of said correspondence shall be provided to every individual present.
Men must not mentor Women or girls, many of whom are clearly unstable, fragile creatures. Who knows what they may 'mis-remember' or misconstrue? It is not even remotely worth the risk to help a Woman advance her career.
Dating and romance are now minefields to be traversed with extreme caution. Forget making "a move" or going for the kiss, unless you have express written consent. Othwerwise, you run the risk of being branded a "sexual predator" for life. Even if you do get "consent" at every stage of an encounter, THAT STILL MAY NOT BE ENOUGH, since the definition of "consent" is itself in dispute and subject to change at the whim of the "mob".
Consent advocates already fret that even an explicit 'Yes' may not be enough. Unless a Woman feels 'free' to say "No" it is not consent; consent is invalid if muted or uncertain rather than LOUD AND CLEAR!
This advocacy creates a world where virtually any 'regretted' sexual encounter may be reconstructed as assault! We have become a world where Women can consent to intimacy, then retroactively withdraw that consent. Men and Women are no longer 'free' to find oneanother. In this world true romance is no longer possible. Romance, after-all, requires maturity and acceptance of a certain ambiguity on the part of both parties. It requires that both Men and Women accept responsibility for their 'feelings' and actions, responsibility that modern Women seem unable to acknowledge and frighteningly enough are not expected to.
So, what shall we say for a Man's natural instinct to persue, court, and woo Women? To find one with whom to love, wed and mate in order to procreate, and advance the species? "Good luck, proceed at your own risk!"

Bruce Elerick

Editor: I realize that this article may be too long for you to include in your publication. However, in light of todays twisted mores, it seems adequately thought provoking. Hopefully, you'll find a way.
This article was forwarded from a former classmate in Idaho, the originator is not known.