John Knox White deserves your vote

I have known and worked with John Knox White for 17 years. Because he was organized, listened well and brought people together, I nominated him to chair the then-new Transportation Commission at its first meeting in 2002. As chair for eight years, Knox White spearheaded the development of Alameda’s landmark 2009 Transportation Master Plan to reduce traffic congestion, make our streets safer for everyone and increase Alameda’s sustainability. 

Knox White has also helped write Alameda’s Sunshine (good government) Ordinance, served as president of the Planning Board and furthered Alameda’s economic development. He researches issues thoroughly, listens carefully and considers all the facts before making decisions. John is transparent and ethical. He is also dedicated, thoughtful and creative. He will make the right call even if it is not easy or comfortable.

Knox White has helped bring people together to apply best practices to Alameda’s problems for 16 years. Alameda needs more leaders who are trustworthy and considerate when conducting the city’s business. Register or re-register before Monday, Oct. 22, and vote for John Knox White on or before Tuesday, Nov. 6. 


Jon M. Spangler