Thanks for messages of hope, inspiration


For weeks, many sidewalks around town have had inspirational, changing chalk messages drawn on them. No one knows who is doing this or whether it’s one lone individual or a collective group. But in these trying politically charged times, they are charming and I’ve not seen them anywhere else. Certainly not Oakland, Richmond or San Francisco. Yet!

These messages of encouragement are all unique and uplifting letting observers and readers know it’s OK to be different, to love and respect themselves and others. If you’ve come across them, hopefully they’ve brightened your day. I’d never ask whoever is taking time out of their life or lives doing this to identify themselves. But instead just wanted to thank them. 

The messages appear to have started on the sidewalk area just outside Books Inc. and Tomatina on Park Street, joyously ballooning out well beyond those initial areas last month. It not only takes courage and time but great creativity to do all of this with little acclaim. 

Whoever is doing it sometimes wipes them clean and starts brand new messages or refreshes what is already there. Many of them are verbal masterpieces. Go see for yourself. So thank you mysterious chalk artist(s). You are hopefully having a major positive impact in our wonderful city.



Mike Lano