Take own words to heart

In my opinion, Vice Mayor Malia Vella and Councilmembers Jim Oddie and Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft got involved in a series of missteps that ended up with Alameda having to pay out almost $1 million and losing what I feel was a competent city manager. 

Oddie and Ashcraft have been pretty quiet after this debacle. However, it appears that Vella has friends determined to rehabilitate her politically in a series of emotionally charged and inappropriate missives, all sharing the same talking points spearheaded by Assm. Rob Bonta. 

Laura Thomas, the writer of a recent commentary (“Alameda Politics, Not What It Seems,” Aug. 23), starts out by claiming that good government advocates are covertly advocating a “national right-wing” agenda. She then conflates “real estate interests” and “national real estate investors” with the Alameda Citizen’s Taskforce, a longtime organization that has advocated for good government. 

Apparently, if you oppose politicians taking money from people they are supposed to be supervising, you are in bed with the landlords. Also, if you object to inappropriate actions on the part of people in government, you are racist. 

The commentary ends up by stating, “We encourage all residents, those who see themselves as ‘real’ or who share a belief that our community should strive for equity and humanity, to consider carefully the manipulation of certain phrases and slogans.” 
I strongly suggest that Thomas take her own words to heart. 


Margie Siegal