Who put them ‘in charge?’

As a 73-year-old lifelong renter, I’ve lived happily in Alameda with wonderful landlords for the past 11 years. Please consider me to be a “real Alamedan” who is appalled at the arrogance of big-time landlords putting themselves “in charge.” According to an exposé in the East Bay Express, most of their realtor members do not live in Alameda. Perhaps the Alameda Sun can get them to publish a list of their members. Regardless, they are not in charge.
The Alameda Citizens Task Force sounds chillingly like the White Citizens Councils of yore. It is ironic that BlackkKlansman is playing in theaters as this local fight for democracy takes place right here, right now. Every voice counts. Every vote counts. May every body stand up for fairness for all.

— Pat Lyons