The state of Alameda politics

Alameda Citizens Task Force (ACT) began in the living room of Dr. Arthur Lipow, noted socialist author and champion of civil rights (“Arthur Lipow Passes,” January 14, 2016.) We were a group of Alameda residents who felt powerless because we didn’t belong to any of the powerful groups who appeared to have engineered the results of the first post-SunCal election. 

None of us belonged to big business nor “the city’s old guard” to which Laura Thomas alluded to in a recent commentary (“Alameda Politics not What it Seems,” Aug. 23). 

As a third-generation Alamedan, I’m still trying to figure out who “the old guard” is supposed to be. To label ACT “right-wing” is simply laughable. And can we please put to rest this canard about the “union whore” remark? It was uttered by a heckler, who entered the public meeting late and stood in the back. No organization can control who walks into its public meetings or what outbursts they make. 


— Carol Gottstein

Editor’s note: During the early 2000s, developer SunCal came close to beginning work at Alameda Point but lost funding support necessary to execute the project.