Call 811 before digging

Last Saturday was National Safe Digging Day. During the month of August Pacific Gas & Electric Co.  (PG&E) hopes to raise awareness about the importance of calling 811 before any digging project — large or small. When called, this free nationwide service dispatches all companies with underground lines to mark the location of their facilities and ensure safe digging, including electric, gas, water and telecommunications services. 

Third-party dig-ins and strikes on underground lines happen nearly every day. So far this year, there have been more than 200 dig-ins on PG&E’s underground lines in the East Bay alone. Many could have been avoided by calling 811 or placing an online request to 

No project is too small. Whether you are planting a tree, installing a fence or building a new structure — calling 811 can avoid fines, repair costs and even injury. Help save lives and keep communities safe with a call to 811 two business days before any digging project.


Vitaly Tyurin, Senior Manager PG&E East Bay Division