More light, less heat

While anti-Asian sentiments have existed since the founding days of this island city, the rhetoric used during the last presidential election campaign has emboldened those holding these views and has escalated into verbal attacks singling out our elected officials of Asian ancestry with greater viciousness.

The Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County is deeply concerned about the most recent verbal attacks on current and former elected officials of Asian descent in person, in letters to the editor and on social media like Nextdoor. 

The caucus believes that all those who are elected to office should be aware of and sensitive to the diverse Asian ethnic groups who now comprise more than 32 percent of the county’s and this city’s population.

Those who disagree with positions that Assm. Rob Bonta and Vice Mayor Malia Vella may have taken are within their rights to voice their opposition. But we must condemn the actions of those who make outright false claims and language that dehumanizes the person being attacked.  

While we may not always agree with every decision a politician makes, we need to maintain our respect for the human being behind that decision. It is time to bring more light and less heat into our public discourse and resist the temptation to use stereotypes and racist assumptions to inform our decisions.


Serena Chen, President Asian American Pacific Democratic Caucus of Alameda County