On paying for school

In response to Steven Gu’s letter (“Merging high schools is a bad idea,” July 26) I would suggest that the principal job of Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) should be to make sure that all Alameda high school students have the opportunity to receive a top-ranked education.  

There is something fundamentally antidemocratic about any proposal for some students to receive a top-notch public education opportunity, based on residential address and ability to pay a surcharge. Our country has a tarnished, destructive history of such Jim Crow public education policies. We must not revert to such wrong-headed policies that have had lasting, negative impacts on our communities.  

The question of merging high schools is an entirely different matter, and requires community review and thoughtful input. In the meantime, I believe that I am not alone in offering a strong voice in support for AUSD’s ongoing work to ensure that all students, not just some, receive a first-class education.  


Paula Rainey