Protecting Crab Cove

In regard to the upcoming project at Crab Cove, there’s been vagueness about the facility’s clients and services; The word homeless has often been buried inconspicuously within its descriptions. The commentary from Alameda Democratic Club’s Gaby Dolphin is no exception (“Witness the Loss of Civility,” July 26).

Pivoting, frequent use of the words truth and lies, and mischaracterizations in social and print media seem to be stock-in-trade for the facility’s supporters. “Pro-Cove” people are being driven to wit’s end by this. “Pro-Cove” backers remained shut-out to viability: Facility supporters called it a “done deal.” Petition was the only avenue remaining available. The petition was vetted by the City Attorney.

Read Go deeply into it, as the writer of last week’s letter might not want you to. Do more than scratch the surface.

Democracy isn’t “Chutes and Ladders.” Directing petition signers reverse themselves is an insult to one’s intelligence. There’s been harassment of on-the-job petitioners but directing reversal instructions at signers goes beyond the pale.

Petitioners aren’t making “end runs” like the petition’s objectors. Advocating this thoughtlessly sited facility seems to be more than just misguided.


Robert Frank