Merging schools adds to congestion


Merging the high schools will have a great impact on the cross-town commute traffic. We are a bike-walk family. I commuted to the Naval Air Station for two decades by bike. Our six children walked or biked to neighborhood schools. There were accidents. None were our fault and none caused serious injuries, but easily could have. 

Car doors suddenly opening and knocking my bike over into the street, a car turning across a bike lane and hitting my daughter, a man, possibly deliberately, hitting my son from behind and sending him down the bank into Veterans Park by the Bay Farm Bridge are the most memorable. The bike, which was expensive and he had worked for and paid for himself, was destroyed. He, thank goodness, was only badly bruised. The driver never stopped. Nor did any other driver.

Then, there are the student bicyclists who fly from sidewalks across intersections without pausing or looking. Drive across town from Alameda High to Encinal High, NEA or other West End schools and you will see what I mean. 

Merging the high schools and forcing 1,200 students to commute further than they do now is only adding congestion and danger to an already difficult situation.


David D. Thompson