Former Vice-Mayor gives her take

I think that Alameda Democratic Club Co-President Gaby Dolphin is the apparent apologist for Vice Mayor Malia Vella. According to Dolphin, “She [Vella] did not receive campaign donations from our local firefighters knowing that she would review their contract.” The way I understand it, Vella claimed to not be aware of the contents of the City’s Charter.

I think Vella let her First Amendment rights prevail over her oath of office. Vella did not vote for Jill Keimach’s compensation package after, in my opinion, she created the need for that compensation package. 

The way I heard it, Councilman Jim Oddie told Police Chief Paul Rolleri that that he (Oddie) had the votes to fire former City Manager Jill Keimach. The way I see it, the investigation cleared only Mayor Trish Spencer and Councilmember Frank Matarrese. I’d like to know who went with Oddie to meet with Keimach. I also wonder why Vella and Oddie won’t give permission to release the tapes. Won’t the tapes clear them?

I think that the firefighters’ undue influence got Vella into this mess, costing taxpayers $1 million so far. And I feel that it is only fair that the firefighters’ contributions to their candidates’ campaign committees should cover Vella and Oddie’s legal fees instead of the taxpayers. 

Vella and Oddie just voted to place a measure on the November ballot to increase the sales tax. I think that a sales tax is a cruel regressive tax that harms the poor disproportionately. I wonder about the coincidence that this tax will earn $1 million a year. 


Barbara Thomas, former Councilmember, Vice-Mayor and attorney