On attacking Fox News


In response to a recent letter (“Small things can make a difference,” July 12) it was disturbing to read about such anger and bitterness against Fox News. Could one really believe that news anchors like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are “spewing untruths” and be in opposition “to everything good our country has stood for since its founding”? 

I find Fox News to be very fair and balanced in its reporting and would suggest watching other anchors like Tucker Carlson, Harris Faulkner, Jesse Watters, Bill Hemmer, Martha McCallum, Gregg Guttfelt, or Judge Jeanine Piro (my favorite). Boycotting sponsors and advertisers is an aggressive overreach. If you don’t like Fox News, everyone is free to just switch the channel. Some are uplifted by CBN or KTLN, TBN or Daystar. Happy viewing! 


Fern Wallace