Spend more money on Alameda’s police

My neighbors and I recently  asked Alameda Police Department (APD) to dispatch a sweep and provide heightened police presence and more neighborhood drivethroughs. We still have what the police describe as a violent felon squatting on our street. We were told APD at any given time, night or day; has only one officer assigned to Bay Farm Island.

That means, according to APD; at most, all we have is one officer on duty. One officer patrols during the day and is relived by one officer who patrols at night. The exact officer assigned can vary even though Bay Farm is supposed to have a dedicated daytime officer.

How is it possible for one officer at any given time, female or male; to patrol and be responsible for a land mass as large as Bay Farm Island?

Rather than pay off our former City Manager in whatever deal-making occurred therein, can we please spend more on our worthy police department who need the resources to try to protect everyone.

Mike Lano