Bridge, tunnel crowd


The bridges and tunnels we have are more than adequate to handle our traffic. The traffic is not caused by lack of lanes out of the city. All the tunnels and bridges lead to gridlock themselves. It’s a Bay Area problem, not an Alameda problem.

Not living close to where you work causes traffic. We have that  situation occuring more and more in the Bay Area because of the housing shortage. Adding more lanes to traffic doesn’t improve traffic. They tried that in China with their massive 50-lane highway that got backed up for literal days because everything it fed into was too limited. The Alameda Access Project will adjust the exit of the tube to reduce the slowdowns around getting on the highway. For more information, see

None of this should be used as NIMBY excuses for not building more housing. We need to drastically increase the supply and help fix the exorbitant rental price increases.


Zac Bowling