Location major factor in new McKay center

A recent article (“McKay Avenue Project Helps At-Risk Senior Community,” June 21) says any notion the McKay Avenue property is being transferred to Alameda Point Collaborative (APC) to antagonize Alameda residents and East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) should be dispelled. This sounds like APC’s executive director’s words to me — that services offered at the facility should be of no concern to folks in Alameda.

Regarding the location, its environmental assessment says children don’t live in the area so it won’t impact them. This parameter is inappropriate.

It’s near Crab Cove, hosting tens of thousands of children yearly — per EBRPD’s own statistics — on school field trips, at summer camp, in special events and with families.

Nothing being proposed is binding. APC can change it without government oversight. It claims security will be addressed in the “permitting process,” but there’s no permitting process within the administrative-professional zoning under which the facility would operate.

“The resource center would assist seven to 10 clients a day on a drop-in basis.” If the beds in the facility are for palliative or hospice care for seniors arriving by ambulance — another statement by the executive director — then why do plans include the center being open 30 hours weekly for drop-in visits?

Children visit Crab Cove to learn about nature. This shouldn’t include haphazard teachable moments forced upon them as hypodermic needles and people sleeping in doorways.

Educational “life experiences” need not be so violently imposed.  Are we all as uncaring about our own children as some people in Washington currently are about our immigrant children?


Robert Frank