Open letter from firefighters union

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to David Greene, the author of a recent commentary (“Voter Takes City to Task,” June 7).

I received your email with the attached letter.

We obviously don’t agree with the City Manager’s version of the story your analysis is based on. Unfortunately our leadership wasn’t interviewed due to the lack of transparency the investigator displayed around the investigation.

During Jill [Keimach]’s two-year tenure here we found her to be one of the most dishonest city administrators we have ever dealt with. 

When the Fire Chief’s hiring process was announced this was the first time we had to deal with her on a issue that directly impacted the department, the community and our members. 
Contrary to what your thoughts are, we always take all three into consideration when lobbying for our members.

We are an employee group that has every right to lobby our elected officials. We did everything above board and within the law. It’s unfortunate that this issue went the way it did. We are very happy with the chief that was hired.

We love Alameda and will continue to serve its residents as we have for the past 100-plus years.


Jeff DelBono, President Alameda Firefighters Local 689